Need help 1060 3GB vs 6 Gb

I am building my first zcash mining rig. I will use GTX 1060 which are the only option I have now.
I want to decide between these two
1- gigabyte aorus gtx 1060 - 6 GB.
2- asus gtx 1060 - 3 gb.
Which one will be good and does the amount of Ram makes much difference in SOL rate.

the 6 gb will give you the best sol rate, between 20-40 more solutions than the 3 gb ver, it all depends on how much will you be able to OC the gpu memory.

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply.
I will go with the 6 GB
Is the gigabyte aorus a good choice?

yeah that one is amazing because it comes with 9Gbps memory out of the box, which you can OC a little more.

A little too big for my taste (at least for the 3 fans one), but is really good nevertheless.

Some ppl prefer the zotac+ version also.

But i have 4 evga gtx 1060 ssc (6gb), running at 1837 (engine) /4700 (memory), getting around 320 sol/s and using 110w on each. So most of them are really the same it all depends on which one suits your taste/budget.


I don’t think there’s a huge difference, and the difference it’s not because of the memory, but the slight differences in the card itself:

  • 6 GB: GP106 chip, with 1280 CUDA Cores, 80 TMUs and 48 ROPs.
  • 3 GB: GP106 chip, with 1152 CUDA Cores, 72 TMUs and 48 ROPs.

If the initial inversion is critical, go for the 3GB, but if you can buy the 6GB version, it’s a better card, and would give you a little more power and hashrates.

You can do the profit calculations with this great tool:

Oh, and I don’t recommend overclocking it, as the hashrate difference is too low, compared with the risk of shortening the lifespan of the card. I prefer to invest in other cryptos to gain more profitability over time! :zcash:++

Have fun! :wink:

zotac 1060 amp+ 9gbps default ~280 sols using latest EBWF miner.

then reduce power to 90%, OC the memory to 4700 mhz and core to 1940 mhz, it will do 310-320 sols

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what miner to use with 1060?
sorry, never had nvidia card before

EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner is amazing.

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Does it matter how much GB card is when mining ZEC?
I know it matters in ETH couse of DAG, but what about mining ZEC?

i would also like to know will 3 GB cards get obsolete for zcash, as they supposedly will upon DAG growth for ETH

I have two 1060-3gb x6 miners. I don’t think equihash operates with a “dag” file like ETH, but I am no expert. Each of my 12 EVGA 1060’s gets around 270h/s at ~1900mhz/base memclock. For the few extra hash you get for the 6gb card, use the money and get a 7th 3gb card. The 3gb ones are no good for ETH, but ETH is going to POS anyhow.

I also got 2 GTX 1060 6 GB and 2 GTX 1060 3 GB, and the difference is: 6 GB give me 305 Sol/s, and the 3 GB give me 295 Sol/s… so the cost vs benefit is not worth it and I am now buying only 3 GB cards (they are all EVGA/SCC brand/type cards).

By the way, I am able to mine ETH, but I only get 19 MHz so, even with the ETH vs ZEC price difference, ZEC still is the best option to mine… and if ZEC goes to $1,000… or $6,000 like Bitcoin in the last days, then the gain is even more :wink:
(For reference, today ZEC is $218, ETH $305, BTC $5670 and NO one believed Bitcoin would go above $1,000 or $2,000 so let us hope ZEC goes to $1,000 at least).

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