Budget mining with one GPU

I’m still kind of new to this mining thing, but i’m willing to give it a try.
my budget is tiny and i can only afford one GPU.
I’ve been throwing numbers into calculators a lot and it seems that gtx 1060 3gb on Zcash is the best, as they are quite cheap, but deliver nearly the same mining performance as a 6gb. Also Zcash doesn’t seem to be affected by DAG file anytime soon.
what do you think?

zcash doesnt have a DAG file at all. the 1060 3G is fine for small mining, and if you game occasionally it does well for 1080p

yes i know. yes but is it better than 6gb and i’m obviously gonna upgrade the rig when it brings back some money.
i already have a gaming PC.

the 6 gb version will you give like 10-20 hash/s more than the 3 GB dont know hat are the prizes in your country but here the difference is 80-100 euros the gain 10-20 hashes isnt worth the extra money for me :smiley: as for gaming most games wont benefit from the 6 GB but as always there are exceptions games that are memory hungry and eat more than 4 GB at 1080p in such games u can gain few more frames or get little bit better details at same FPS

So old mobo with an old CPU + 2-4gb of ram + some HDD + decent PSU + GTX 1060 3gb should be profitable and cheap?

How much do you have to pay for electricity?
I guess you would earn about $ 2.80 - 3.20 per day.

yews mining on the 1060 3 GB is profitable mining on them as we speak …and yeas getting some old crap PC from a friend for few bucks (or for free if you have good friends) where you can connect the one 1060 3GB Nvidia will do the trick …if you wont have luck on cheap/free old PC you can check up other possibilities like refurbished systems store or aftermarket in case you would need to invest more bucks to get the gpu connected (more than 100)i would consider to build a cheap PC from new components getting some old AM2/FM2 motherboard and some old CPU even if new these are cheap …it all depends on the possibilities you have u dont mentioning the country u live in. getting a little bit more than 3 dolars per day with one 1060 3gb

Electricity should be about 0,10€.
I live in Slovenia (it’s a small country) and these old PCs are quite expensive, usually from 50€ up. I’ve found some ok PCs but I’ll keep searching.
Thanks for the tips!

Hi neighbor iam from Slovakia :D.
50 euros is ok for an old working system where u could put the gpu
pass here the specs what did u manage to get or what u planing to get

my plans are as new as possible for the least amount of money. usually there are rigs going about 50€ with LGA 775 socket CPU and rather high power consumption some DDR2 ram (1gb, 2gb maybe 4gb) like 80GB HDD. i am aiming for a lwoer consumption cpu and a bit more storage. have found some offers at 70€ with 1TB HDD DDR3 4GB ram and CPUs that consume less. i would swap the 1TB HDD with 500GB HDD from my gaming PC.

thats aceptable prize
well as for the PSU also depands on your posibilities zou could get one of the cheap 1800W PSUs from ebay / amazon / aliexpress

or some seasonic PSU from local store its up to you

thats aceptable prize
well as for the PSU also depands on your posibilities zou could get one of the cheap 1800W PSUs or some seasonic psu there are good quality and for fair price

i was thinking more like 500 or 600w PSU as i will be running only one card and later upgrading. but it seems that 600w PSU can easily take 3 1060s as they only use about 100w.
I’ll probably buy from my country because the shipping is expesnive af and I’ll go for like a corsair or coolermaster.

I am running an almost identical setup… well the GPU at least from what I see here. I got a 650watt PSU to insure I can upgrade. I guess I average about $2.35 USD a day pulling ~270 SOLs. I have only been going with my GPU for about three weeks, more or less, and I am at just over $40 USD.

So what you have is enough to get you started.

oh nice, you bought other components brand new?

of course the 600W would be enough power to get at least 3 x 1060 even 4x1060 would work it would be on the edge but it would work the question here is does it have enough PCie power connectors to power 3 or 4 cards ? i started to be checking the PSUs by how many PCIe power connectors they have and u will be supprized to find 900-1 Kw PSUs capable to connect only 4 GPUS (such a waste of power) or 600W psu capable to connect the same amount of Gpus sot he max Wattage isnt the only thing to check at a PSUs…

CM would be ok Corasrs are to expensive for mining operations until you not building a super quiet mining rig its just money thrown away

aren’t there converters that can convert some like a sata connector to pcie connector? gtx 1060 draws only 100watts so i don’t see a problem using other connectors.

Check your PSU label how much Watts it is giving to the power lead of SATA/Molex …
then u will find out that NOOOO useing the converter cable isnt a option these converters should be use to power risers only NO GPUS if you dont believe me feel free and do some google reaserch on how much you can suck from the sata/molex

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I’ve been searching and people said it shouldn’t be a problem as long as the PSU has enough power. a 1060 needs only 25w more because it gets 75w from the mobo anyway.

LMFO external powered GPU sucking 75W from mobo ahmmm ok if u thing so do as u please im not going to argue its your cash your hardware do as u please …just ping me when something burns out