Mining Rig Power Supply - A Better Alternative

Hello everyone -

In an effort to reduce overall cost per rig and achieve ROI faster, we have started using a different power supply. This one is a 2400w 94% efficient platinum power supply that ships with all of the necessary cables for up to 24 GPUs. Using this kit, we have reduced the cost per power supply per rig from $650 to $193.


(1) Delta 2400watt Platinum 94% efficiency Power Supply 200V/240v
(24) 26in PCI-E 6pin to 8Pin 6+2 pin cable set
(2) Rev:7 X-Adapter fully tested
(8) 3M Rubber foot pads
Dim 8 1/2W x 6 3/4L x 1 3/4H inch

If you want to run the entire rig from this single PSU, you would also need the 160w ATX adapter. During testing on one of the 8x 1080 Ti rigs, we found that the ATX adapter was only pulling 25-40w, so 160w is plenty to run the motherboard, CPU and 1x SSD. I have provided direct links to each piece below if you would like to order.

Direct Link to PSU Kit ($159) -

2400w PSU Kit

Direct Link to ATX Adapter ($34) -

160w ATX Adapter


Excellent information. Can you tell me where you get your C19 power cords?

From their site: AC Plug is C19 type(not included)

Nevermind, I see that it is on their site. Also, they recommend the 180W adapter now.

Great option!!! Beats trying to track down cheap EVGA PSU’s

So for North America, do you need to order the c19 plug which converts to c14 and then use a c14 to 220v outlet?

Or is there a c19 plug with a North American 220v plug that I can’t see there.


Check out or - this PSU would need a C20 to C19 (20 amp) or C14 to C19 (15 amp). Based on our initial testing, the 180w may be overkill if you are only using it to power the motherboard, cpu and a single SSD.

I’ve send an email regarding delivery to Europe 2 moths ago, but nobody replied.

Try sending an email to Joseph - he is super responsive.