Do you need a good power supply?

I am selling mining power supply, and they all works great. They are cheap and reliable, and I have been use them for three months without any problem.

or my own web

Ar what load do you achieve 95%? Do you have an efficiency curve at various loads?

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I have two questions for you, “Warranty”?

and what is the length of the cables? If I have it in the middle of a 12 GPU rig, are they at least 28" in length?

Label doesn’t show UL listing. Could be a fire hazard in a box. Could be fine.
Nothing that looks like this product is listed on the 80plus website, meaning that 80plus label is likely straight up lying about the certification.

Oh. It’s a 90 plus gold. My bad. Marketing. Gotta love that. If I had the money to burn I’d buy one and load test it on video just to see if it actually performs well.

It will perform 90 plus all the times, and it will be 95 if you use 220v.

220v has 95%, and 110v with 90% plus

60 days warrenty, and the cables are 21 inch long. If you wanna buy many with long cables, we can make it special for you.

I was selling these things on ebay for almost3 months. I have only one return ,but when I paid shipping fee, that guy never ship it to me.Be honest, my power supply is not good as like evga or some big company,but price is like one of forth or fifth their price.

Hey guys, if you want 90% efficiency at all times you need a 80 Plus Titanium! That might cost you an arm and a leg.

PLatinum is good enough for mining. Who runs mining at 10% capacity?

Gold is fine if you derate to 60% load.