Mining Rig Randomly Restarts

Hello all! I have an issue with my mining rig which has been happening lately. I’m running 3 gtx 1060 3gb, 4gb ram, windows 10, 850W 80+ Gold Rosewill with a Msi B250 PC MATE and Pentium G4400 and risers.

Everything seemed to be working well first day, did some trouble shooting with gpus and finally got everything up and running, when all of a sudden, the pc would randomly restart with no warning, no error, just goes to the bios start up and relaunches.
I don’t believe it’s the risers since they seem to be working well the first day and are doing a good job. I’m using Nicehash, getting about 10 dollars a day.
Please help because this is really annoying

its restarting for a reason, run the reliability report to see what the errors are.