Mining Rig restarts after about an hour

Hey there, just built my second rig.

Have 6x Powercolor RX 480 Red Devils…everything runs fine, haven’t touched any settings on the cards via BIOS or MSI Afterburner. Totally stock…but rig keeps restarting after about an hour or so of mining and all it says is this…

I’m using Claymore 8.0

Thanks for any help!

What PSU are you running on ?

Could have a few reasons.

Most likely the PSU as trolloniex says.
Could also be related to temperatures or a bad raiser.

What are your temps at?

PSU is a 1300w Evga Supernova G2, temps are stable at about 55 degrees, and yeah I guess could be a riser but why would a faulty riser run for an hour no issues and then cause a system failure?

My other rig I’ve messed around with OC and it does the same thing when I would push a setting to high or underclock, it would just restart but that was instant and I haven’t done anything in terms of settings…just run testing everything at the moment.

Killawatt says +/- 750w so I know the 1300 is plenty…

I have a raiser here which dies after about 30 minutes. When it warms up, it looses connection on a bad soldered pin.

Interesting, well good thing I have a couple extra…I’ll start troubleshooting with em and see if replacing one will solve the problem lol