GPU constantly crashes (restart)!

I have an Asrock H110 pro BTC+ with 12 GTX1080 plugged in, 2x1300watt PSU, Proc intel pentium G4400, RAM 4GB running on ethOS from a USB 3.0 stick. On board graphics and audio are disabled.

There are two issues:

  1. All GPUs restarts after around 10min running (hash becoming 0)
  2. Temperature and fan arent detected (indicating 0) for both.

I have tried and tested all GPUs, Risers and CPU on my other rig. They work fine. Can anyone help and enlighten me on where I went wrong?


I know I know…

1080 = 200w
Riser = 50w
mobo/cpu/hd/fan = 125w

12 (1080) x 200 = 2400

12 risers = 600

2400w + 600w + 125w = 3125w

total power you have is 2600w - 3125w = a deficit of -525w

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