Mining rigs hosting facility in London to UK and European buyers

Hello fellow miners :slight_smile:

As some of you know my main area of business is supplying mining rigs in UK & Europe.

At the beginning of 2017 I built a mining farm in London on behalf of a UK based company.
I have been steadily increasing their hashing power with more rigs and provided support to their operation ever since.

I’ve now been give the opportunity to offer hosting for the mining rigs I supply (not third party built rigs… that is a safety feature, as they are comfortable with the rigs I supply)

A minimum of 3 rigs hosted per client are required.

For security reasons, site location cannot be disclosed and therefore onsite access cannot be granted.
Price: being in central London is not the cheapest hosting solution you can find (Russia, Eastern Europe, China, US etc would be probably cheaper) but for those who cannot host their own rigs but still want keep them locally, it is a fair option.
Only rigs that are supplied by me can be installed

The hosting includes electricity, rent, cooling & networking.
The site is near Stratford, in central London.
The warehouse is gated, has double doors and fitted with CCTV cameras. Adjoin warehouses are manned 24/7
For peace of mind you can request the installation of a camera specifically for your rigs which can be accessed 24/7 through phone app and online. The night vision camera have motion detection alarms that you can set.
Monthly rolling contract.
You can pull out the rigs at any time. Free collection from my workshop in Kings Cross, London or it can be ship/delivered to you.

I supply rigs and provide support directly, they provide hosting facility directly.
Face to face meeting in central London.

This hosting solution will be limited to few clients to start with.

For more details, please email or call +44 790 690 5430