Plug and Play ZCash Mining Rig Wanted!

I want to purchase one or several ZCash Mining Rigs like that shown at this link:

ZCash Mining Rigs

I contacted this website and never heard back. Does anyone have any options for me, as I want plug and play?


~ Mike

Fairly simple to setup a Rig, and these plug and play rig suppliers usually charge a hefty premium. I say this coz I make and sell them myself :stuck_out_tongue: but not in your continent.
You may not find information on how to set one up in this forum, but go to Mining — Ethereum Community Forum and you will find several detailed guides on setting them up. Most, if not all of the people mining Zcash are doing so on rigs setup to mine Ethereum or earlier currencies. In any case, its essential that you get your hands dirty because even a plug and play miner will have issues that you will need to resolve on your own. Cheers.

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I’m a technology pro with almost two decades of experience, so yes, I can get my hands dirty, but between running a small consultancy and keeping up with family responsibilities, it might be months before I get to this, and I want my rig up and running immediately. What do you normally charge for a typical mining rig, just so I can get a ballpark estimate, as to how much one would cost? Thanks!

~ Mike

We will add Zcash miners(plug-and-play and diy) to our product line soon. We sold more then 500 ethereum miners over the past months.

Around $1500 USD for a 5 card rig.

@Akkie: As soon as you have a plug and play miner to sell, get in touch with me. I will happily purchase one.

@deadsix: Thanks for the information. Let’s say I wanted several five-card rigs or rigs with more cards (if possible). Do you normally give customers volume discounts on your rigs, and what would the highest end rig cost, and what would the specs be on that?

I only do 5 card rigs because its difficult to source motherboards that support 6 cards in my country. Also the components are easier to get rid off if you want to abandon ship. I use Asrock H170 boards and i3 6100 processors, with a 120GB SSD and a Corsair 750W Gold PSU. And I only use the Sapphire RX 470’s because the memory is cooled on them insuring longer life. This combination works, draws low power and is easy to sell, just in case.
I do offer 10 card setups which are basically two of these machines in one compact frame, but I haven’t sold many of those.
In my experience a 6 card rigs would raise cost to about $1900, and 5 was the price/perf sweet spot for me. And no volume discounts :slight_smile:

@deadsix: Thanks for the information. I wish you were on my continent, as I would happily become a customer.


Hello I am the owner of the company. I am sorry to ear that please send me a direct email to :grinning:

way cheaper on my site

Check out same rig for ethereum suits for zcash.

I could build you one (or some) on BTC Pro or B85 Anniversary with Sapphire Nitro rx470s.
rig frame, risers, EVGA 1300G2 PSU

6 X sapphire nitro rx470
Pro BTC or B85 Anniversary board
E3 1231 xeon 4 core 8 threaded processor (so you can CPU mine also)
16 GB ram Avexir
Rig Frame for 6 GPU
EVGA 1300G2 1300W PSU
120 SSD

$2800 USD + DHL Shipping

G1840 instead of xeon
4 gigs of ram intead of 16
60 gigs DDR3 instead of 120GB

$2500 USD + DHL Shipping

50$ cheaper if you want to use reference rx470 instead of Nitro

Can flash your cards if you want higher hashrates.

  • Windows 10 price if you want windows on the rig.
    Free OS if you want Ubuntu.preconfigured.

Tried checking it out but couldn’t find the actual rigs

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I have one ready , 6x 390’s 240 H/s
pm me if inetersted

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your prices are good, id recommend the 470 rig,
but do you offer them with E3 processors instead of just celerons?
i dont see specifications on ram or cpu or ssd or psu
you should add those details to specifications

yes we do all the way to i7

oh i see, those prices do not include CPU, PSU, SSD, RAM?
you buy that separately?

I’m sure they are included in that price, otherwise how would it be a rig :smiley:

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