Good provider to physically host miners

I don’t fancy the idea of cozying up next to toasty z-cash miners at night. Do you know of a reputable business that will host and run my physical mining machines?

I looked at Their all-in price is cheaper than electricity in California. I can’t find much about their reputation from actual users.

You can’t do that with GPU miners only Bitcoin or Litecoin ASIC miners.

GPU miners are too much maintaince and crash too much. No hosting provider accepts personal GPU rigs.

Either buy cloud mining, mine yourself in your house, or just buy the coin.

Try to find some information from
I think they offering GPU hosting in their data-center.

hello depending on your needs and some factors such has do you wan gear rental or me hosting your rigs ( that will inclued location)
1 year terms (Fee inclued electricity GPU / ASIC / FPGA are brandnew piece of gear ( base on calculation of hashrate produce), maintenances, 24hours monitoring of rig)
i offer gear rental for different algo including Etash, Cryptonight, NeoScrypt, Decred, X11, [ZCASH]

I highly recommend BlockTree Technologies GPU Miner Hosting.

I had a few GPU miners hosed previously at Great Northern Data. It was a nightmare, their technicians were clueless and could only do reboots.

Ive had no problems since I’ve moved to BlockTree.

Can you elighten us at all as to some ballpark pricing? Do they support open air rigs or 4U chassis?

MLaB has a location in the Netherlands that does open air rig hosting (fixed shelf to mount your hardware in) a 2nd location might be opening soon that allows for rackmountable rigs too.