Mining using CPU

Hi Bros,
Can anyone’s with the knowledge can show me how to mining from 1.50kH/se to 2~4mH/s
Please help any idea how to increase faster, I’m using Intel i5 4 cores 4 Logical processor only.
Thank you
Steven W

You’d need quite a few asics to get anywhere even approaching 2-4 Mh/s

You will need to invest in dedicated mining equipment. With CPU mining you will be spending more in electricity than you will ever earn. Will take you years just to make a couple bucks.

How about YEC?



thank you bro

thank you bro

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I leave my node running 24/7 but wish CPU mining was profitable or at least there were some more incentives to leave it on !

I wish there was an incentive to run a full node too!

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Run it as a daemon, you’ll never even know its on! Unless you mean the chain size but currently it’s not really that big yet