Mining with 1060 3gb cards

Perfect, works like a charm :slight_smile: thank you

Are you still getting 400Sol/s per gtx 1060 3gb gpu? I am using Simplemining and getting around 280Sol/s. I had tried settings that someone shared which was Core: 150; Mem: 900; Power: 85 and was getting around 310Sol/s.
I’ve been mining for about 1 month and still learning. Thanks for any suggestions.

I don’t think any 1060 can reach 400 Sol/s, artur’s screen showed an 1070 doing ~470.
My 1060s are capable of 300-310 Sol/s (currently 270 Sol/s @ 70W) with OC so I think your results are just fine.

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Yeah no one can get 400 sol/s on a 1060 3gb. The top I can get at max power with dstm and Samsung ram is around 320 stable. I have heard of 330 but that is extreme for the 3gb version. A 900 oc on the memory side is pretty high. Are your cards stable for many days? That is at the extreme end for that card. Mine will handle that but one or 2 cards would cause the rig to crash after 24hrs. So i run at 800.

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They were stable but I decided to bring it down to 125, 800, and power 67. I was reading the settings that had posted and decided to try them out. Those settings were rockin’ but I thought it be better if I brought it down some. Thank you both for offering insight on this topic.