Mining with 1060 3gb cards


I have e my ethereum rig up and running and now looking into setting up a zcash rig.

I’ve been looking and comparing so many cards trying to get cards that aren’t too expensive +lower power +reasonably good sol rate.

I’ve stumbled across the 1060 3gb which is reasonably priced at £196 reaching sols of 300 (apparently)

Does anyone run any 1060 3gb cards and can coming the sol rate of them?

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t purchase them e.g. Zcash difficultly will make them redundant?

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi Jayb,

I am using one of my rig with 5x GTX 1060 3G OC - MSI, works well for two mo without problem. Bought it in my country about 210Euro each.
Here is screen of performance of my miner - i tunned card for best watt/sols ratio and i like cold cards too :slight_smile:


Hi @m42orion

Thanks for the reply.

That looks good to me, can you confirm if you are running the card at stock or ocing it?


My cards settings are - cclock +137, memclock +120 and TDP 65%
Here is link to exact type of cards wchich i am using and you may see there default params. of stock settings.
if u find cards with two fans at the same price it will be better choise, but this one work good for me too

sry, english is not my native language :slight_smile:


Thanks for coming back to me.

Ah okay so you went for the ‘mini’ interesting that the temps are still very good.

I have one of these cards on the way

I’m going to be testing this inside my gaming PC before I go out and buy multiple.

Don’t worry I understand! You’re doing far better than I would with another language! :smiley:

Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

Hi Jayb

My two 1060 3GB giving me that. both have Samsung chip, but they are configured from stock differnetly. One is a Gainward the third in the list and one is the Zotac Mini which is the scond one in the list. let me know if you want to see my undevolting and overclocking settings, I can take a screen shot also from them.

Hi @Uche32

Thank you for the info, if you could take screen shots of your undervolting that would be great.

That 59w is looking very nice :smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

you have purposefully powered down that 1060 system to 70-80 watt or it is like that with minimal tweaking.
3gb model have less cuda cores 1152 and 6gb model 1280.

i have 6gb model and getting around 300+ sols at 100watt.

so first thing, I used MSI Afterburner
when MSI Afterburner is open use CTRL+F and it will open the Voltage/Frequency curve editor
so the Zotac is using 0.812V on 1733MHz Core Clock speed. you need to put the whole line on the same height otherwise the card is going to jump up to higher volts:

the memory clock doesn’t matter much, and the power limit is on 65% and temp limit 67%:

the Gainward is using 0.825V on 1770MHz Core Clock speed. of course you need to play a bit around as not every chip is behaving the same:

same limits like on the Zotac:


Thanks for all the info!

My test card turns up tomorrow so will be fiddling around with the bits you have recommended.

I’m used to fiddling with rx 480’s so the 1060’s are new to me.

I’ll let you know how I get on!


Currently on the EVGA GTX 1060 3GB SC (Version) i’m doing between 285/300 Sol/s (Tested on Linux and Windows), no OC.

Does any one mind sharing/compare OC settings for these cards?

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That sol rate is pretty good compared to what I’m getting on my Gigabyte 1060 3b OC version - Currently at 240 - 250 sol/s

What’re you OC settings for that card?

Without OC i’m going from 285/300, with just a small OC i get 305 (Mem/GPU Clock offset incremented by a bit).
ATM i don’t want to OC this card and keep the default settings since it’s single fan.

how to control the temp below 70c,by software or by a supper fan?

Both with fan and software.
You can set the temperature limit in most gpu overclocking programs such as MSI Afterburner. If the gpu reaches the temp limit, it will throttle.

Thank you for your informations given here.
Maybe silly question, but how do you get these usefull GPU / Power usage / Efficiency readings in EWBF? I have been reading help file, but cannot make it work.

–pec if you meant this :slight_smile:

Sould it be followed by something more? for example GPU number etc.?
I made it like this:

but no luck.

as shown here, still dont have statuses.

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must type two minus chars before PEC as other systax commands. Copy it from pass command if you cannot type it.

prefix for pass, server. … and PEC is the same - two minus

i hope that you understand me :slight_smile:

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