Msi 1060 6gb + gtx 1060 6g gainward

Hi guys! I just bought some rigs which are mentioned in the title. Anyone of you that have these models can tell me some details about how they performe on mining zcash and other coins?

well that depends how you sett them up if you go for low power consumption . or dont care about the power consumption and aim for the highest possible hash rate
but basically for zcash you should be able to get around 300 h/s at around 80-90 W without any problems up to 320-330 h/s with 120-140 W also depends on the temps they run and the room temp.
you should fine tune them to get the best performance at for your environment as for me when i start/restart the the 1 MSI 1060 which i have (others are from gigabyte) it starts at 310 at 95W as the temp rize up to 64 deg it will slowly go down and hover around 300-304

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