Mining with 2CPU MB

Hello fellow miners,

I’m planning to use my Evga SR-x double CPU board with two xenon E5s. Since Zcash is programmed to be mined with CPUs, do I have to configure special settings in Linux or the Zcash protocol? Will it make a difference if I use a double CPU MB to mine Zcash more efficiently?
The xenons are quad core, with two CPUs can get 8 core processing.


GPU mining of Zcash is looking like the way to go.
You may want to hold off on this rig for a little bit until we know more.

Also, the line is Xeon, not Xenon :smile:
You might want to keep track of the Zcash Slack channel. And the mining channel too.

Also, it appears that bi-processor MB share the memory channel (to be confirmed)

If the memory bandwidth is shared, no matter how many cores/CPU you add, you will not get better performance (actually worse perfs once you max the bus)

How do I get to the slack channels
Then join zcashcommunity.slack