Mining ZCash with no internet access

Hello community

I have good rigs but with no internet access to pools - IP or Ports are disabled.
How can I use them for mining? Can I use my local pool or smth kind of proxy? I know about 2.5 BTC and dedicated stratum, I need smth else. Help

There is no host with internet access in local network? If so - forget about it or buy usb dongle w/ inet for 1 host :slight_smile:

I2p + tor @ circuit
zeronet @ content displayer
aws + yellow circle @ node vpn router
.bit @ dns = freeweb

dont forget zcash is also zsnarRk tao-lfs

you better tell where you are from there must be aright pool for you

That’s not really possible.

I bet OP has access to free computers and electricity such as universities PC. Unfortunately these networks are usually filtered and access to only few ports are allowed. Even installing VPN would require administration login and most VPN ports are also blocked.

Mining without internet is impossible because you need connection to broadcast your blocks (if you’re solo mining) or works (if you’re pool-mining).

pay attention XD

now fit it it work

Perhaps I can setup internet via mobile for 1 host, but I have 10 hosts in local network
So is it possible to route all mining traffic from 10 hosts via 1 host with usb dongle inet?

My offices are all over the world, so this information will not help to resolve my situation

this could help a will try it

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but I am looking for such topology for mining to route all minig trafic via 1 gateway with no network operator access (cisco routers, and network ops) to not to bother my collegues

thats what yellow or aws cover vpn that share internet with a software router to create a sub ip out of your public (yellow) for http router to i2p router trough Many option since zcash is zsnarRk ( I2p related)

fit your i2p on the aws so aws and vpn talk freely

did you figure this out? I’m looking for a similar setup.

here my friend i will point you those 3 guide that will solve your issue enjoy :wink:

#1 unhosted web apps: example apps