Minning With Innosilicon A9

Iam just start minning with my Innosilicon A9 and have set up pool to deposit ZCash into my wallet bittrex.com account, and now is almost go 24 hour and i dount see the fund?

What are the best wallet for:

Equihash Coins list
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
ZCash (ZEC)
Bitcoin Private (BTCP)
Komodo (KMD)
ZenCash (ZEN)
ZClassic (ZCL)
BitcoinZ (BTCZ)
Hush (HUSH)
Zero (ZER)
Bitgem (BTG)
Zelcash (ZEL)

Been free to answer with help, Thanks

Which pool are you using? And what is your payment threshold set at?

If you haven’t received anything in your Bittrex account, then it’s likely that you haven’t reached your payment threshold yet. For example, if it’s set to payout once you reach 1 ZEC then you’ll have to wait about 4-5 days for your A9 to earn one whole ZEC and it will be paid out shortly afterwards. You can adjust your pool payout threshold lower or higher depending on whether you’d like your payouts more or less frequently.

Iam using Pool: stratum+tcp://asia-zec.2miners.com:1010 can you give me tips because is my first time iam minning and have just set up Innosilicon A9 yestoday…

What will been the best wallet for Equihash Coins ? to have payout every 24H

Hi again
The maximum 35.00 KSol/s i have so fare and the manifactura say 50 KSol/s ?

What coin are best to minning whit maximum profit day from Innosilicon A9 ?

Some exchanges do not allow you to send newly minted coins (your reward), use a wallet
I’m pretty sure zcash is the most profitable equihash algorithm
Problems with stability you need to contact innosilicon

what wallet you like to Recommend ? to not use exchanges?

Depends on your operating system

Zelcore is a new one

Thanks a lot guys for good tips

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Did you really spend $3000.00 plus on a machine and you have No idea how to set it up, how it works, etc?

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Maybe try different pools and settings

Actually after he figured out that he needs the stratum and his machine is mining i would say he managed it pretty good to setup the unit.

The topic posters’ question isn’t how to setup the unit or whatever, but he is concerned that he didn’t receive the reward in his wallet yet, and if we are honest enough, we all had this concern in the very beginning, not?

To the topic poster:

  • Exodus is mostly the best wallet to use in beginning and even later, especially for Zcash in my opinion if you are on windows.

  • The stratum seems to be correct. I’am not familar with this mining pool, but if you are sure the port of the stratum is correct as well it should be the correct stratum url for sure.

  • Do you see your hashrate/rewards on the mining pool you are mining? If not, try another mining pool. Good options are miningpoolhub, slush pool, coinotron, viabtc (withdrawals not working at the moment of writting), and some others…

  • I guess there is a Innosilicon A9 Community on the bitcointalk forum sharing experiences and help on setup and fine tuning. Maybe if nothing helps you can look there for support. Use google and type: “Bitcointalk Innosilicon A9” and you will find the topic/thread immediatly.

Good luck!

Hopefully there a lot which will never sort it out…better for us LOL

To my point this person spent over three thousand dollars on a machine and waited until after the fact to figure out all it all works.

speaks of the proverb a foolish person spends money carelessly and will soon be penniless.

What is so foolish on willing to learn?

He took a leap of faith, I call that bravery.

And 3000-4000$ is not such a crazy investment.

Anyways, exchanges might not display coins that have been mined to their wallets and might not even return them (read terms and conditions)

spending that kind of $$ without a knowledge of the very basics is not brave

they didn’t understand about wallets

they are using a pool that finds a block about every 36 hours and wonders why?

see line one

I understand and respect your point of view.

In the end I’m happy to have a new fellow miner in the community.


maybe some of us forgot to fast how our start was? I didn’t forgot about it and hence the reason i’am trying to be helpfull to everybody with need of help.

I seriously doubt you have been found out everything without having the hardware. Even more i doubt you have been able to make only perfect choices of mining pools, wallets, exchanges, whatever…
It’s a learning phase we ALL went through and we ALL even lost some money somewhere.

The guy purchased an Innosilicon and at least managed to make it running, which isn’t to be for an absolute newcomer to mining. I remember my first attempt was nicehash to be honest, not very smart either but after some days i found out that it’s not the best solution. I guess the topic beginner will as well find out soon that the miningpool he is on isn’t the best. This doesn’t make someone foolish in my opinion, these are new comer and newbie mistakes or eventually miner evolution going up from zero to … up to everybody…

But the word foolish isn’t good choosen in my opinion, even less for a new forum member asking for help and advice. Just my 2 cents.

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Slushpool and Flypool are my go to pools at the moment, and they find blocks very frequently so earnings should be relatively consistent vs. smaller pools. I would avoid small pools with only one A9. You also generally don’t want your payout to go directly to an exchange.

As for wallets, there are lots of options which other members have mentioned, but I’ll mention a few more. If you have a Linux machine, or if you can run a Linux VM, then you always have the option of running the official Zcash client which can be found here, and even gives you the option of building from source. This method is more suited to technical users, but it’s the best option if you want to run a full node and keep it up to date. You’ll need to be familiar with using a CLI to run commands like creating your wallet and backing up your private keys, so this method isn’t for everybody.

If the command line isn’t your thing, or you’re just stuck using Windows, then WinZEC is the most popular Windows client at the moment. This is a good option because it’s a full node and includes the use of z-addresses, which some other options may not support. WinZEC was developed by user @anon47418038 who has been an active member of the community since it’s inception. This client also has a GUI and doesn’t require use of the command line, so it’s the preferred option for many.

Of course these are only 2 options and there are many others, but I mentioned these specifically because they are both full nodes that give you the ability to use private transactions.

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This isn’t a person asking for help because they just learned of Zcash and are trying to figure out how to mine with the GPU (that they probably already had). I and others on the forum have helps hundreds of people get things set up, troubleshoot errors, offered advice, etc. This is NOT that.

This is a person who spent more than USD $3500.00 on a specific piece of equipment, had weeks to learn or even ask about pools, wallets, exchanges, how to convert it to fiat. This person waited until after it was up and running and wanted answers as to why they were not receiving their rewards.

My point, which is my opinion, they waited until after the fact and that makes it a foolish decision!