MSI 1060 3GB GDDR5 290h/s or no?

Does worth to buy 4x of this 1060? I read somewhere in forums that one of this make 295-300h/s ? If is that real 4x will make 1200 ? Can someone answer me thank you! I look it from here

Yes u can get 290 H/s with a little overclocking +100 Clock ; +300 Mem stock u’ll get about 270 H/s

Here is mine in action. I’ll let you do the maths :grinning:

What is the OC for the 1070ti?

P70%, Core 143, Mem 650.
I’m struggling with less than 70% and more than 650 Mem.:grin:

Thanks, I’ll be trying that out, I think I’ve OC’d my core too much. Good thing this card barely eats power as it is.

Yep, my first trails with the 1070ti i was underclocking the core. I was following outdated advice about low core and high mem.
I have not done the calculations yet ref 1070 1070ti roi. I bet it’s close.
I have a couple of 1060 6gb which have close results ref 1060 3gb.