Can i get more of msi gtx1070 + overclock?

Hey everyone!
im new here!
this is my setup : 4 gtx 1070 msi, in a AC (5°C) room.
settings in afterburn: +50 core clock | +400 Memory clock

Is there any chance i could get more Sol/s (H/s) with this rig?

Your temps seem a little high… I wouldn’t be trying to push those cards much further than you are now.

You are killing your cards with those temps. Try 70-80% power, +150 core +400 memory instead.

Yeah, the temperature are high on 2 cards, i’m trying to point the AC flux directly to the cards.
but how about the Sol/s?

What is the recommended temperature?

I don’t let my cards get above 70. Hashrate wise I they seem a little low. I thought 1070s were supposed to get around 440 each and only one of your cards are reporting around that. Your one is only getting ~300. You might want to make sure your overclock is stable. In some cases I noticed overclocks dropping hashrate so maybe this is whats happening? I could be wrong on these hashrates though because I do not personally own a 1070, I am just saying the hashrate I saw other people achieving with these cards.

I would be worried already if temps are close to 70C . 50-60C is about right, depending on what cooling do cards have.

Most of my cards are R9 280xs and r9 290s so its hard to get 60C with these lol. But yeah 50-60C with 1070s would be about right. My 1080 sits at ~60C but its a FE so they are a bit tougher to keep cool.

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Thanks, i will install a extractor plus the AC and post results.
so, what is the max. overclock you ever push to your cards?

450-470 sols are about the limit for 1070.
1070ti can be pushed to 500-520 sols.

I usually aim for +150 core and +400-500 mem and adjust power settings (you don’t wanna run at 100 -100+ power unless you don’t pay electricity bills and don’t mind to drastically reduce the lifespan of the cards).

And don’t forget to enable and adjust power curves on your fans, they should be spinning, and spinning fast.

In the picture you can see vaules I get with MSI 1070 aero. Power consumption for the RIG with 5 MSI 1070 cards is 850W.

How much are you making @day and month?

I have 2X1070 RIG and 1X1060 RIG mining on flypool. I get around 5.85 kSol/s for all of my rigs. Currently i’m gettin around 2,1-2.4 Zcash per month.

Hey everyone!
i made some adjustments in the rig and site and now im getting better temps.
but the GPU0 only gives me 234sol/s, why?

thanks in advance!

Do you have the monitor plugged into GPU0?

Sometime my 1070s do that on the one I have a monitor plugged into. Select the miner window so it is in the foreground and stop doing anything on the machine and the hashrate returns to normal on that card.

Also, sometimes one card just doesn’t get the new config and I have to apply it again.

Like this It’s perfectly stable during a few weeks, times to times I restart a rig… No monitor plugged, connected just via TeamViewer… 8x MSI Gaming 1070

GPU0 is sometimes slower then others but It’s not a problem for me…

i dont have any monitor plugged to the card or to the MoBo. i’m RDP’d the machine but also with low video settings. i just reboot but the hashrate drops again.
should i change the pci slot? or change the extender?
any ideas?

great! i will try and add more cards to the rig , how do you get those temps, AC or fans?

Try using Power: 80 Core: 100 Memory: 600 that should take you to about 440-460.

Do you have really the same setting for all cards ? On the pic we can see the card 4…

Try reset rig, set afterburner - all card same + cllick to first one for informations about this , turn on the mining, wait and make a screenshot…
I don’t know why there is a 0mV power to GPU4 = fail as well …

I had so many troubles with drivers…