1070 Ti best setup and results

Hey guys,

just got 1070 TI Titanium, It give me 530 sols/s, the card s cold, uses less power but it is pricey. So pls, anyone with Nvidia 1070 TI experience, would you share your OC setup to get the best result. Also, what software you use for OC, does MSI afterburner do the trick for Nvidia the same as it does for ATI.

Thanks a lot.

Yes it does

@ 530 you have it humming pretty well.

Play around with the settings and find what works best for you and your gpu. Some people want max H/s, some want max H/s at a lower power usage.

best advice is to have a pad and pen takes notes, If it locks up, hit the reset button and lower the settings.

60% power limit,+125mhz core,+700mhz memory,80% fan speed= 450 sols/s stable at 108-109watt.
ps:max 62 celsius