Msi 1080 ti duke Nicehas unstable profit !?

Sup guys.

currently im mining Zecash with my msi 1080 ti duke all the time i got unstable profit by nicehash i dont know why but …i kept my eyes on effiniency and i realized that when effiniency gose up profit up as well

can any one give me more info about effiniency and how i can make it stable all the time and i`ll be thankful for that.

and what`s the best stable and safe overclock setting for 1080 ti !?

Are you using Nicehash to rent out your hashrate? If so, you would get more stable profits mining something directly rather than relying on Nicehash.

I’m assuming you’re interested in Zcash specifically because you’re here posting in which case I’d recommend EWBF’s CUDA miner for Zcash. Your next step would be to find a pool and there are plenty to choose from depending on how often you’d like to see payouts. :slight_smile:

Thx your bro i think my unstable profit coz unstable hashrate not effiniency i realized that
any way im new in mining 3 days old :smile: how i can get stable hashrate or its not stable with every one and hashrate Depand on what .!?

would you give me more info about rent my hashrate.!!?

i can`t use EWBF right now coz i got balance on Nicehas :frowning:

can you give me EWBF tutorial coz i don`t know how to use it :slight_smile:

what about overclock setting

You can find the answers to all of your questions with a little bit of research. There are numerous posts on this very forum with regards to overclock settings. Take a look at all the threads pertaining to 1080 Ti’s and find the settings that work best for your card (every physical card is different in what it can/cannot handle).

More information about EWBF can be found right here.

If you don’t feel comfortable moving away from Nicehash, you don’t have to. Until you research and learn more about mining you might as well continue making some profit. I’m just letting you know that it’s not the most efficient use of your hardware. You’re going to need to do a lot of reading to learn more. Nicehash is as close to hand-holding as you can get with mining and definitely a good way to get your toes wet.