MSI Z170 7 GPU BIOS Setting step by step

I successfully boot with into win with flashed bios using 16.3.2 crimson up ti 4 gpu.

I cannot boot into with 5 and more.

Any suggestions what to do :/?

hello a
does anyone know which is the best Bios for
Asus prime Z270-p
motherborard to run 4/5 +Gpu ?
thanks in advance

You have to wait for the drivers to be installed for all the cards after you add new cards.

I added one by one and waited for 3 minutes on black screen at last one and rebooted few times and same. :S

Apart from updating BIOS to the latest one, you have to make sure risers are tight enough connecting PCIE slots. MSI Z170 PCIE slots are not so good as MSI Z270 Krait Gaming. I have tested both MBs and it works properly without any errors.

Looks good @mining-hardware. How did you get 7x RX470 on a 1000W PSU? Did you have to install a second PSU?

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Hello, I'm new to the forum,
my configuration:
Intel Celeron G3930 7th gen(Kaby Lake)
Kingston 8 GB DDR4
Intel 120GB SSD
7x Sapphire Rx 480 8GB OC (with modded bios)
EVGA Supernova 1200w

I installed the new BIOS and then installed the modded one, but every time I try to boot into windows it shows a backlit black screen and whenever I try booting a UEFI install usb it shows the windows loading circles and then backlit black screen. I've left it on for 24 hours with the same result.

Without the 4G decoding the system is fine, but whenever I try turning it on the system just does a backlit blackscreen, also I have PEG0 and PEG1 set to Gen1

What should I do? I'm really desperate right now, any help is appreciated.


Did you find any solution for this problem also i had face many times as same as your problem. when i enable 4g decoding windows can not open and reboot constantly.

I'm using Rufus since you can't only install UEFI windows 10 using Media creation tool. (whole album
So these are the bios settings currently: (All images are from Imgur. Also since I can't post more than 1 link and 1 picture since im a new member I will only post the last part of the URL. Use the 1st image as a reference.)

So it boots with the bios logo.
Then it shows a loading screen without the windows logo.
After that it shows the loading circles with the msi bios for a split second. (literally for 1 second, but somehow I managed to get a picture of it)
Right after it shows the backlit blackscreen.
I have been using the modded version of the bios already. I have also tried the 1.7 Official version. Both do not work.
I also have tried using only 1 GPU(not on riser), no cards(using on board Graphics), 1 GPU(on riser) and all GPU(on risers).

I read elsewhere the Kaby Lake processors are having a hard time running anymore than 4 GPU's on certain motherboards. I have the little brother version of the OP (MSI Z170A SLI with only 6 PCIe slots) and can confirm using a Skylake processor that I can successfully run 6 GPUs on the board after the latest BIOS updates.

If you have a spare 1151 Skylake processor laying around (or if you want to order one), you might try this route before ruling out the board completely.

An interesting aside, the latest BIOS is a version or two ahead of the one the OP posted, and the "Above 4G Decoding" setting is now renamed to: "Above 4G Decoding/Cryptocurrency Mining" so indeed MSI is now fully aware of the end use of these boards.

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Can I run Ethos with this bios flashed?

I am new to the mining world and the person helping me is using Ethos, is there any advantages of using ethos other windows?

Thank you!

@mining-hardware Is PSU : CORSAIR RM1000X enough power to connect 7 gpus? as I see it just have 6 (8pin) PCI-e connectors am I right? How could you do it??? please help I just burned my cpu trying to connect them

you ask if a CORSAIR RM1000X is enough to run 7 gpu's... IF you don't tell us what the 7 GPU's are, no one can answer you

Corsair RM1000x has "only" 6 SATA slots... how did you get 7 GPUs working PLUS your SSD?!

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Hi everyone, i know that MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON support 7gpu very well, but it's out of stock. i consider to buy MSI Z170A Gaming M5 , this one also have 4x PCI-Express 3.0 x1 Slots & 3x PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Slots
Any advise regarding MSI Z170A Gaming M5 for 7GPU mining?

Hi Garethtdavies, how about your MSI Z170A Gaming M5 ? Is it can run 7 GPU?

I would like to know about MSI Z170A GAMING M5 as well. It seems I can only get it running with 4 cards. I have tried the latest bios, older bioses, 7977v15 (the one that supports my cpu intel G3900), tried ethOS, different amd drivers, and of course the guide here. I haven't made progress in almost 2 days. Any ideas?

or you can try ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA 1151 Intel Z270 :slight_smile:

Hi, do you know how to mod sapphire 580 4gb with hynix ?

Thank you for this! Went from 4 nvidia 1070 to 6 on a Z170a SLI.

Possible extra step:
I had a stubborn 6th card that appeared in device manager but with the yellow warning, typical code 43 nonesense. I disabled and re-anabled and that fixed it! Hope this helps someone else in my position.

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