Help please Z170A motherboard and G4560 CPU

Hi Everyone,

I hope some could please give me a hand. I am new to the mining game and today I decided to buy my parts to start doing it.

I bought some parts, but I am starting to think I might have some issues with it… I bought the MSI Z170A motherboard but at the shops, they flashed an updated bios so it could take the Intel G4560. (That was the only cpu they had available).

I just google how people set up their bios with the Z170A and it seems you require to do a bios flash to get the 6 gpus working.



I am afraid that if I flash it that bios on the link above then the gpu I have won’t work… I haven’t opened it yet, so I might still have the opportunity to return the CPU to the shop… Could anyone please tell me with this motherboard and cpu can work together to run Ethos 1.21?

I thank you all in advance and I really hope someone can give me a hand.