MSI Z170 pro carbon, goes out

hi, i am mining with following component:
MotherBoared: MSI Z170
GPU: 6x rx580
PSU: 2x 850 W EGVA
riser cable and carde 16x to 1x 006c

my problem is my rig is getting shutting down every time, some times it last 08, 3 or 5 hours before goeing out.
i already flashed the bios to the last version.
can some one help me with my problem ?
thank you

Have changed anything in the PCI settings in the Bios? Make sure the 4G mining option is turned on. Also set your PEG0 and PEG1 to gen1. I have two of these boards running 7 cards each. They are both pretty stable after the bios has been updated.

i didnet touched in the bios, but what i noticed that the pc go to hibernation.and i don’t why

If you’re mining in Windows, you can disable hibernation (in fact it is highly recommended to do so). Just search for Power Settings and set this option to ‘Never’.

yes, i changed it to never and waiting to see .
can i ask you which OS are you using and which version ?
thank you

Yokaso…Nihonjin desu ka?

I personally mine in a Windows 10 environment ( for 2.5 months now). Every 2-3 weeks, I’ll install all of the Windows 10 updates I’ve downloaded and check for new GPU drivers after searching the forums to make sure there haven’t been any critical problems noted.

I changed Windows Update settings so that updates are downloaded but never installed without user action, and that the machine never auto-restarts. I also disabled Driver downloads with updates.

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thank you guys for the help

which version of windows 10 do you use ?