VGA's stop working and sometimes system shuts down

Hello everyone!
I’ve been mining Zcash for a month or so, it’s my first time with a dedicated rig so basically this one month is how long I’ve been mining for, hence I am still very new to all of these and of course I’ve got lots to learn, so help is much appreciated! =D

I’ve got a rig composed of 3 Gigabytre gaming G1 1080 and a 1000 watt evga G2 80 plus gold, I’m at work and don’t have a picture of the 1080’s config in MSI Afterburner but I don’t think its the case as the system also failed with vga’s on stock values.
The api shows me the cards are drawing almost 600 watt from the psu and I suspect that’s where the problem start although the system has run flawlessly (failing only due to bad overclock) for liek 3 weeks and I think it started to fail when I plugged it to a AC stabilizer which is also a 1000 watt one. Those are my assumptions but I don’t really know what might be the problem, I already tried stock values and didn’t work so I’m going for Psu swap: I?ve got another EVGA but a 1300 watt one.

Well thanks for your time and help guys!

Have you removed this ^^^^ and is your problem still there?

before you swap the Psu check the USB cables for the risers some of the risers came with crappy thing cables which causing such issues. i had the same the gpus runn only under clocked otherwise with normal values or OC it will crash the driver or restart the pc.
check if the USB cables for the risers are USB 3 (connector inside plastic needs to be blue according the standards ) or just purche a USB 3 cable at store so you know it is 100% usb 3(idealy with golden contacts) and test it. the 1KW Psu is enaught the gpus …else what OS are you running if you are on windows did you also set the virtual memory settings

Also I have same problems. One of my GPU going from 280 H/S to 30 H/S and then after reboot of the system both GPU’s running with 0.00 H/S after adjustments via AMD utility it gets back on the track.

Hey CitricAcid!
I did remove the stabilizer about 4 days ago and the pc ran problems free until today. I turn the computer back on and left it mining since morning… Still works, I’ve got no idea what was that. Probably an update or something like that, as it’d have already failed today if I still had the rig plugged to the stabilizer.

Hey Koso16! Cables are blue but those are the ones that came with the risers and they do look crappy.
I have windows 10… I wanted windows 7 but something weird in the motherboard wouldn’t let me install it and I had to opt for win 10
I did modify the virtual memory! I think it is set on 16 gb .
Thanks for the tip about the cables!

@Andrianus : have you checked the Gpu’s without risers? I mean, plugged straight to the pci-e on the motherboard.

Most probably safe boot prevent you from installing win 7 a common thing :smiley: can be turned off in Bios i use win 8.1. with the latest nvidia drivers and AMD 16.2 drivers (yes i have a mixed rig waiting to sell my last R9 280x on aftermarket to replace it with another 1060)and no problem…

It must be that now that you mention it. See, I bought all the parts and went straight on to build the rig and didn’t even take enough time to read the mobo’s manual xD, just about as necessary to configure the board to support mining.

About the OS to mine, do you think one in particular is better than the rest or doesn’t really matter?

Good luck selling the 280x :smile:

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Yes. I did I used other GPU on same riser it worked fine. I rebut the rig several times. It works now. Thank you.

win 8.1 and win 10 will max recognize 8 gpus from same chip producer(8x amd or 8x nvidia) so of you want more in one rig u will need for unix/linux based OS else i dont see any big advantage only the unix/linux base os will take less resources like space on hdd less Ram consumption but no big diferance in mining performance

Almighty Unix! I love it! But I’m not savvy enough to run a miner on it yet, I mean I could get to do it but it will take me more time than I can spend at the moment. You know, it’s not like doing a double click and solving stuff. You’ve got to dive into the console and do it all yourself. Still, I love unix and I use it a lot mainly for stuff that involves security and certificate validation (love gnupg).
I did run a miner on linux once, it ran slow though…needed some tweaking.

I will migrate when I consider it proper, the only reason I have win is for games and some coding in visual studio, the rest I do it on linux :slight_smile:

@Andrianus you’re welcome!! :):grin: let me know if you need any more help :slight_smile:

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Update: The system has been running without a stabilizer but it still fails.

I got the power cables changed for bigger ones which support a higher electricity flow and a dedicated thermal switch for just the two rigs.
When I run the EWBF miner with stock values nothing happens. But when I add a little overclock (to reach the ‘‘most common config everyone uses’’) like +150 + 399 Tdp @ 100 , at some point it fails and throws error code 4 or 46, both power related.
Running on stock is a waste of power to be honest and I really doubt it’s the riser cables’s fault. What I did see on MSI Afterburner is that voltages are kind of fixed on a value and it hardly changes, but when I modify the values, the voltage fluctuates a lot and clicking on ‘‘Force constant voltage’’ didn’t work. I think I will have to try another OC Gui, but almost everyone is happy with Afterburner so far.

I checked another miner, same thing happened. It’s not a EWBF thing.

If you have any Ideas by chance, let me know! Meanwhile I will try to code something to re-open the batch when error 4 or 46 stop my vga’s.

Thanks a lot guys!

Not sure of this might help but I had a problem with one of my rigs constantly rebooting giving me blue screen of death in Windows then changed to Linux and same thing happened just random faults. When I swopped out my ram with a new stick all my problems went away so perhaps have a try and replace the ram

Even though y rig doesn’t completely restart, I will keep that in mind. I can try swapping the stick for the one in the other rig if it keeps failing nonesensely.
Thanks for the help!

Hi, my mining rig worked fine for several month but now the system crushing after the start. Windows 10 starts and then everything shuts down. What it can be?