MultiMining (Ubuntu) feasible !?

Good afternoon,

I already follow the steps necessary for installation MultiMiner on Linux (Ubuntu 17.10) but without success.
When I try to launch MultiMiner I receive an error message in which it say that MultiMiner folder missing.

Beside of this I have some questions for which I didn’t found yet any answer, but I hope that I will found some here.
So, my questions are:

  1. What is the latest version of Ubuntu (64bit) for which is optimized MultiMiner ?
  2. once all GPU’s are mounted on the rig, and Ubuntu installed (recommended version, for latest MultiMiner) it is imposed to be made changes in BIOS ? (except case in which not all GPU’s are recognized, and is imposed changes in BIOS);
  3. It is imposed that based on GPU’s use to be installed properly the correct drivers manually ? (my first rig will have 8 GPU’s: AMD and NVidia)
  4. MultiMiner detect automatic the GPU’s type and model ?
  5. It is imposed that GPU’s to be under-clocked manually for best performance ? or MultiMiner can do this based on currency choice for mining?
  6. Each rig (for more rigs) must have installed MultiMiner ? or can be installed on one PC (as server) and from there to be controlled all rigs (slaves) using MultiMiner ? in this case is important that only the operating system to be installed on all rigs ?

I waiting with higher interest your feedback, to can start to use it.
Any recommendation or advice + links is welcome and appreciate (also I am sure that more users will appreciate advice posted).
Thanks in advice to all members of community for support.

Kind regards.

Are you using this to mine Zcash or btc? You do realize the multiminer is a graphics interface program and NOT a miner?

Hi @CitricAcid

Thank you for feedback and question !
Yes, I know that is an interface program. In this sense I already prepare an desktop to serve as “master PC” and my first rig to serve as “slave”. What I have need to know if exist in this moment some tutorials or articles in this sense, or in other words, to describe step by step the way in which can be use “MultiMiner” to mine using more “slaves” rigs.
Also, it is possible that some of my points to not correspond to reality or what can do “MultiMiner” !

I still waiting any feedback related to topic.
Thanks to all for support.