My coins are gone- please help

YesterdayI had 21 Zcash coins.
I wake up today to have none … anyone know how this could happen?
Please help
I’ve been in contact with Exodus. Does not sound good; look’s like I’ve been hacked.
Thanks for all the good answers though!

I’m using Exodus Wallet … Have not sent any coins in about a 1 month

Best bet is to contact Exodus
Whats the transaction hash? (How long have they been gone?)

As said allready, without further information nobody here can check anything.

Contact Exodus, they have superb real live chat support and will investigate, check immediatly matters on a top notch level. Seriously, don’t hesitate to contact them, few programs have such good immediat support like Exodus.

Maybe they have works on the platform, sometimes it happens that you can’t access the funds
Input your Zcash address and check your coins lose or not.

You must immediately write to the support service, as every minute is very important.

Have you solved your problem yet?

Did you write to the support service?

It seems suspicious.