My current view into the cybercoin markets

I really like this view of current market data:


Thats about 10% of usd value of daily BTC issuance and at about 3% of BTC’s own usd value :star:
$11.55M to $1.17M daily issuance
$6000 to $180
Edit- that’s roughly daily new issued coins
1925 BTC and 6500 ZEC

Too be honest i personally don’t give the daily issuance much attention …

New issuance is a great method on giving value to cryptocurrencies, we can see how healthy ZCash actually is and even from an investment point of view it brings some more guarantees (on capital return or whatsoever).

The 24h Fee is also really interesting. Zcash in comparison with bitcoin costs more than 10 times less

OK, but no one comments about the price: about 160$ instead of 360$ of 1 month ago (May 15th).
Not a good period for crypto, but it seems that ZEC is suffering more than others.

You’re kind of missing the entire point though. Literally the point is “the price” isn’t the only thing that matters. There are other variables that can tell you how healthy (or unhealthy) the coin is.

Well, I’m not that sure that I am missing the point: I know that “the price” is not the ONLY thing that matters…but considering only “New issuance” is not correct the same way…
I think that the combination of price and new issuance would have been a better indicator…and the price is definitely very low now.
Unless you just want to say that “everything is ok” at any cost…

Even still, you’re focused solely on the price. You did indeed miss the point. The entire crypto-currency market is taking a hit. We already know this. They are all dropping in price. The point here though, is how healthy these coins are in other aspects. ZEC has endurance. It can take these hits to the market. That is the point.

It will be a long time before ZEC breaks out from under BTC’s thumb, but there have been a couple of times where ZEC completely ignored BTC’s market and that’s a huge accomplishment for such a young coin. ZEC is very healthy. But as with anything in the crypto-currency world, it’s not infallible.

Heres some neat visualizers