ZCASH vs BTC - comparative values


I know the whole crypto market is down and most currencies follow the trend set by BTC. However, with BTC dropping to ridiculously low levels, how come ZCASH is not (at least) keeping up ?
Maybe a month or so ago 1 BTC = 50 ZEC
Now is it more than 70 ZEC per BTC ???


Hi @RingoZA :grin: welcome to the Forum. We have a very active thread call Price Speculation that you should ask these questions.

Lot of users hang out there: Price Speculation


You are interpreting it totally wrong, sorry for being straight.

If you get more ZEC for the same BTC, than this means ZEC lost against BTC.


You did not read properly. I am MINING Zcash and complaining that it is losing value against BTC !


Thanks Shawn - will check it out …