1 zec = $1130.00 usd!

1 ZEC = $1130.00 USD!.. congratulations

wow hey gooodddddd)))))

this is f******** crazy

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where can I buy?..

Where can I short this?

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Only Bitmex and it’s such low volume that these figures are pretty much BS. I’m with everyone here in hoping that Zcash is worth this in the future but these numbers aren’t real yet, each trade is mostly for one coin, one or two for more than that. Pocket change for most future traders.

and the real price of what it would be?

Noone knows what the real price will be, it could be anything.

this price has no sense. is controled by bitmex.forget it.

some one washing trading the zcash

controlled by bitmex? how so? Isn’t the price driven by market orders? Are they bidding on the futures trades themselves to drive up the price?

If you don’t agree with the current pricing… YOU CAN SHORT! and make a lot of money!

How can you short it?

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lemme know if u find out as well

now in poloniex zec = 5000 bit lol

Even at 70 BTC which it is now (was 250) each ZEC is worth $50000, wtf is this madness.