My first mining rig?

Hey was wanting some help with building my first mining rig?

My gaming rig is as follows:

Corsair 750W
16 gb corsair vengeance
Diamond HD 7700 Series 1GB (trying to use as physx)
Z97-A mobo
i5 4690K @ 4.8GHz (1.5V)
Samsung 500GB SSD

I have an msi gtx 680, tz77a mobo, and an i5 3570k (or something like that) cpu and some extra ram (basically everything needed to build a separate system aside from a case)

ive been running my gaming rig miningfor the past few days w/out issues and have made like $6 or something xd

I was wondering what the best cards to use atm are in terms of price for performance.

GTX 1070 ~450 sol/s
GTX 1080 ~550 sol/s

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