EthOS Zcash mining

Has anyone tried it since the latest update? If so, is your hashrate (sol. Whatever) the same or has it changed?

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I do try now. Ethos’s “show miner” reports about 13 H/s on R9 270X 4GB.

Ethos is using our and mrb’s silentarmy opensource software. We are putting together a more stable OS for zog and will be releasing sales at maybe $15 an os for full update support for the life of our support.

I’m still working out the details but I will open up sales shortly.


I have had nothing but good dealings with everyone from gpu shack I have all my miners running ETHOS 1.1.3 with no issues 39 sols on r9 390x’s and havent had to do anything with it

You are not our customer.

potential or current, we are all customers
why do you keep doing this?

Truthfully, the remarks may have been a tad bit uncalled for about the Chinese. But I agree to an extent about the support towards a Chinese version. We do not need to contribute anything towards the Chinese, they will probably make their own knockoff anyways. The guys over at EthOS and gpushack have been a load of help. I actually made a 4star review on their site due to a bad SSD with the ethos on it. Honestly, I did not need it. So I didn’t even contact support. Everything else was fine. Plus the ssd is practically free because you are being the version of ethos pretty cheap. They contacted me on their own, and sent me another SSD.

Never had problems with these guys. They may have expressed their views on the Chinese alittle too bluntly, but, their support and help on their irc is pristine.

Anyways, back to the the topic on hand, thanks for the answers everyone :slight_smile:

Anyone tries latest Ethos mining ZCash with NVidia? I’m going to give it a go with 1060s, wondering what kind of hashrates people were getting with 1060s (4Gb or 6Gb),

Mining with:

EthOS version 1.2.3
5 x 1060 4Gb
1 x 1060 6Gb