My First Rig Build 1080 Ti GPUs

And there is what I’m “missing” so to speak. What @Lionellyyn said insinuated that you could get roughly the same Sol/s as overclocked memory or close to it by doing what you’re doing. That’s not actually the case. The reason people are overclocking memory is because it gives a Sol/s boost. So it’s actually incorrect to say it doesn’t mean anything. Underclocking your memory is nice for sure if you stay at stock hashrate at lower temps and lower power usage. But that’s the opposite of what most people overclocking their memory are after.

So to conclude, yes overclocking memory does indeed add Sol/s and does not “do nothing”. :slight_smile:

Not really, if I increase the memory clock at the 65% Power, like it shows in the screenshot, my sol/s will decrease. The best and most stable settings I've found when using under 100% Power don't need memory clock overclock.

Now, I never tried to squeeze max sol/s because I have temperature limitations because my room temperature and cooling solutions. That being said, I can't confirm if the best scenario with 120% Power uses memory clock overclock or not.

I'm under 100% power and overclocking memory absolutely does increase Sol/s. I have 3 1070's at the moment any they're all set to 80-90% power, +125 core/+650 memory and getting 460-470 Sol/s. Temp on GPU 0 is 65-68 depending on ambient temps. GPU 1 is 55 and the other is in a closed case sitting at 65-66. They're all 400-420 stock. There's 2 different card manufacturers so the settings differ slightly. My Zotac AMP! Edition was easier to hit 470 Sol/s than my 2 Asus Duals.

So you can see why I say there's a descrepency in the statement that overclocking memory doesn't really do anything.

I have a rig full of 1080 GTX ti
I underclock all the GPU to -100 and still have same rate. Of course if I underclock more, the rate will get lower, but overclocking the memory is really not worth it. You can reduce by 1-2 degrees the temp and put more power into core.

Maybe this is because the memory rate of GTX 1080 ti is already high that it doesn't count much in the final result. I don't have experience with 1070 and the result could be different because it's simply not the same gpu.

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You're absolutely right. They are different cards. Perhaps you're also right about the fact it's memory is already high and that could play a factor.

Greetings @Lionellyyn :slight_smile:
Decided to test ur quote, Overclocking the Memory is useless during mining. It's better to slightly underclock your memory to reduce the heat.
Here are my stats:
Core: +0 Memory: +500
GPU0: 66C
GPU1: 72C
GPU2: 69C
Average Total speed: 2156 Sol/s

Core: +60 Memory: +700
GPU0: 69С
GPU1: 75С
GPU2: 72С
Average Total speed: 2187 Sol/s

Core: +65 Memory: -200
GPU0: 70С 731 Sol/s
GPU1: 76С 731 Sol/s
GPU2: 73С 729 Sol/s
Average Total speed: 2191 Sol/s

Currently testing Core: 65 Memory: -100, because… I see posts, that 1080 ti’s are able to produce 790 Sol/s (SUM: 2370 Sol/s) and I want it !!! :blush:

Strange notice: if I set Core overclock more than +65 (I set +70), the card resets it to +35.

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You can get 790 Sol/s with an OC version of 1080 ti but I wouldn't recommend it because you will stress the hardware. 120% Power limit, full overclock and almost 100% fan speed is maybe not good on the long run.

I think you have hit the nail on the head. I was testing this last night and noticed on my 1050 ti, I had to oc the memory and core for good hash, but my 1080 tis I could actually lower the memory and there was an increase, I believe because more power could go towards the core clock.

But I agree with what you are saying, the memory clocks on my 1080ti is already over 5000 or close to.

@Lionellyyn hi. Thank you for reply. OC mode results worse performance with higher energy consuming and more temp. So, I stopped on +60 - 200 as the best tested results.

Im looking to build an 8 x 1080ti rig, I have an EVGA GQ 1000 which can power 3 of the cards and looking at maybe getting the EVGA 1600w G2, although this has 9 VGA slots so can only power 4 cards.

saw it mentioned early that it should be possible with just these 2 power supplies, or is 3 PSU’s or swapping 1x 1080ti for a 1070 a better option?

I know @TeamGreen used a 1600 and a 1000W PSU for their build. I am not sure if you can overclocked them though.

overclocked at 80% TDP they only draw 225w so should be easily do-able running 8, it’s just the lack of VGA connections being the limiting factor as far as I can see

You can buy more EVGA cables on their website.

More cables can be bought , but there’s no slots to plug them into, so how can you run 6 x 1080TI’s from 1 1600w PSU?

You will have to split them with the 1000W I suppose.

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I’ve got a 8x 1080ti rig + 1 1080 in my gaming pc. I’ve tweaked my settings in afterburner to find a sweet spot in efficiency for my power costs. Right now I’m pulling about 650-670 sol/s from my 1080ti’s with efficiency of 3.7-3.8 sol/watt. I’ve noticed that my 1080 is significantly more efficient, pulling 500-510 sol/s at 114-119watts…so about 4.3 sol/watt. Depending on your power costs, the circuits in your home, and how much you pay for the 1080’s… a 1080 rig might be an overall better option. My 1080ti rig will pull over 6100 sol/s if I boost everything to the max, but it draws over 2600 watts at the receptacle (per the kill-a-watt) and reduces efficiency to about 2.7 sol/watt. With my power cost of $0.11/KWh, it’s would be marginally better ROI to run at full throttle like this (an extra $0.5/day or so), but for me it’s just not worth the extra noise and heat (at least in the summer). Also, neglecting efficiency can be problematic if Zcash happens to settle down at a lower value than it is currently. If you are HODL and paying for power out of pocket, you are going to be feeling a lot poorer…

I’m running 1x 1080 TI OC 1x 1070 and are just fine with 750w PSU and I’m feeling that it can take at least one more 1070.

That was written (on may 27th) when I was using gaming TDP information instead of mining TDP information.
A 1080TI stock will pull about 200w-230w while a OC will pull 250w-280w

A 1070 stock does about 150w and an O/C does 180w-200w

IF you are running stock, probably directly connected to your mobo since you are running only two cards, and its power needs I would guess you are pulling 530w. if you have risers for some reason, you are around 555w-580w

If OC, then you are around 600w, with risers around 625w-650w

If/when you add three, you will need risers and unless you are severely underclocking, no matter if you add a 1070 or 1080ti you will not have the room.

Hope this helps

Correct,by the way, what is your current 1080 TI settings and Sols if you can share because I’m a bit low 670-690
Thank you!