My First Zcash!

:fire: :fire: :fire: HUGE NEWS! @Pacu has officially written Chapter 6: Zcash Wallets!!! THE CONTENT IS BEAUTIFUL! OMG! What a TREMENDOUS resource this is for current and future Zcashers! I cannot wait for this to be out in the world! THANK YOU PACU! :star2:


:tada: :tada: :tada: MAJOR CONTRIBUTION! @Marek has written and submitted Chapter 8: Proof of Work and Consensus!!! What a thoughtfully-written chapter and an amazing learning resource this is! THANK YOU MAREK! :star2:


:fire: :tada: :fire: :tada: @oxarbitrage has completed Chapter 7: Zcash’s Inner Workings!!! The content and illustrations are going to demystify some of the technical complexities of Zcash for soooo many people! THANK YOU ALFREDO! :star2:



Submit your anonymous ideas, suggestions, experiences with Zcash. This is your chance to speak your mind and share your Zcash stories. They might be included in the book!

Make suggestions about how we can take My First Zcash to the next level after the workbook is published.

Complete the form ASAP, please!


Wow, has time flown by! In a short time this project has blossomed from concept to a collaborative community of Zcashers from around the world. Together, we’ve been making big things happen in short periods of time.

Today was the final MFZ Weekly Sync over in Discord until ZconV. If you stopped by you know it was emotional because the dream is being realized. We are accomplishing what we set out to do. And it feels so exciting! (And if I’m being honest, we’re also all exhausted at the moment. :sweat_smile:)

Please stop by and listen to our MFZ session during ZconV, which will include an overview of how this project got started, evolved, lessons learned and surprising metrics. And of course…the big reveal of the My First Zcash workbook!

Get ready to download your copy and share your suggested improvements - or better yet, get directly involved in shaping v2 of MFZ! Details to follow at ZconV!


Three days and counting! v1 of My First Zcash drops this Friday during our Zcon session! I can’t wait for you to see it!

MFZ v1 Release Teaser


¡Cuenten conmigo también!


What a weekend this was for My First Zcash! Since the Friday afternoon launch at ZconV, the workbook has been downloaded 207 times! I feel like this initiative was a total success in every respect, and I hope you do as well. We’ll have our regular sync in Discord on Wednesday and then pause for a bit before diving into v2, which will be focused on collecting feedback, making improvements and getting print-ready! Check out this deck for details.

Please continue to share the workbook across your channels and thank you all for your support, commitment and dedication to this educational initiative!

Flipbook: My First Zcash v1 :

Standard PDF: GitHub - massadoptionorg/My-First-Zcash


Thank you! Please join our sync over in Discord and fill out the offer to assist form. Talk soon!

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nice book :+1: :+1:


WE DID IT! WE MADE IT HAPPEN! Let’s dedicate tomorrow’s sync to celebrating our accomplishment!

Bring a snack or beverage, hop on the call! Let’s party, talk about what went right, what we could improve on during the v2 process, and just generally have some fun!

If you were part of v1, get up on stage and enjoy your moment in the sun! You deserve it allllll!

Link to the sync (hey, that rhymes!)


Congrats! I took a fast skim through the workbook, and I’ve gotta say its incredible. Tons of in-depth content, covers basically everything, but it also doesn’t look ~daunting in spite of covering such so many complex topics.


Thank you for the kind words! :sunflower: I wholeheartedly agree with you! The team of content creators and page layout designers did an amazing job of presenting the content. I’m so proud of what this v1 team created!


Congratulations to everyone who was part of the v1 team and thank you to everyone who joined today’s meeting.

We’ll take a break for the summer and come back for the v2 kickoff meeting on Wednesday September 4th. If you would like to be part of the v2 volunteer army, please complete this form.

In the meantime, please help the project level up by submitting feedback about the v1 process. This is an opportunity to share what worked, what didn’t and how we can be an even better team next time around.

Also, we really need help identifying content and design edits and suggestions across the 160-page book! Please submit info via this form, which will give the v2 team a huge head start in the Fall. Please submit any and all edits/suggestions!

Thank you all for your love and support over these past few months. It means so much to me and everyone contributing to this project. :heart:

Please continue to share the MFZ v1 flipbook across your social channels!


Amazing job