My internet is working however I am getting the following error accessing ZECWallet Lite

Error: grpc-status: Unknown, grpc-message: “error requesting block: Post dial tcp connect: connection refused”

Does anyone know why this might be the case and how to fix it?

I have my wallet seed btw and get the above error message when inputting in the seed to restore wallet.

@adityapk00 any info on the server?

I’m also experiencing the same bug on both Zecwallet Lite and Zecwallet Mobile so looks like a backend issue.


As a side note, this is a very serious issue and we should consider ways of avoiding this kind of problem in the future.

The desktop client allows to select 3 different nodes, all of which currently fail to connect.

Assuming all our ecosystem relied upon this backend, now we would have all services shut down.

I run a full node as well so it’s not a problem for me personally (more like an inconvenience) but this is a huge problem for folks relying on this backend.


@hganesan @anon16456014
Try switching to a different LightwalletD server (on desktop). I think ZcashFR server is working fine. Default Zecwallet servers (and the backup) seem to be down.

I agree that this might be a big problem especially as I still cannot get my mobile Zecwallet lite working (can only change server on the desktop app currently).

ZcashFR gives me a timed out error…

Our infrastructure is up. Feel free to point your light wallet instances to

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Aditya has fixed it. It should work now.

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Yes it works, thanks.