My motherboard detect just 2 GPU please help!

I have 5 GPU
3 GTX 1070 TI Titanium

My motherboard detect just 1070 TI gaming x ! why

Need info on specs. Mother mainly. Look in your bios for a setting called 4G Encoding. Once you find it enable it. Then tell us if your other calls show up.

What motherboard are you using and what BIOS settings have you made so far? Without knowing that it’s difficult to suggest what the right course of action is.

I enable 4G Encoding and still nothing
I’m using Asus Z270F Strix
Please help

We have a write-up on how to build a mining rig that is with the Z270-A motherboard. I’m not sure if the Z270-F that you are using has the same BIOS, but if it does, these settings may help you. If the BIOS settings aren’t in the exact same place for you BIOS you will have to track them down.

Here’s the Z270-A settings we use on every build:

Advanced > System Agent (SA) Configuration > DMI/OPI Configuration > DMI Max Link Speed: Gen1
Advanced > System Agent (SA) Configuration > PEG Port Configuration > All PCIEX16_x to : Gen1
Advanced > PCH Storage Configuration > All SATA devices that do NOT have an SSD set to: Disabled
Advanced > PCH Configuration > PCI Express Configuration > PCIe Speed set to: Gen1
Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration > HD Audio Controller: Disabled
Advanced > APM Configuration > Restore AC Power Loss: Power On (optional. this is for hard crashes or power interruption reboots once mining)
Boot > Fast Boot: Disabled
Boot > Above 4G Decoding: Enabled

For context, it came from part 3 of the build: How to Build a 6 GPU Mining Rig – Part 3: BIOS and OS • GPU0

I had the same issue building my 2nd 6x 1070ti rig with Asrock H81 m/b.My advice is to check ur cards one by one into the pci express ensuring that they all work corryctly.Secondly u can test ur pci risers one by one ensuring that every single gpu you tested can work on its own connected with a riser!If all the above work correctly u need to test the rest pci ports.If all the above work fine for you do a clean install of windows and let them update into the latest version before u connect any gpu into it.I run my self into a motherboard problem afterall…I wish you luck!

Thank youuu very much ! for helping me !!

I hope you luck