Gtx 1070 GPU detection issues

Hey guys, so I recently built a new mining rig and am having difficulty having Windows detect more than 3 GPUs. I have some steps I went through to rule out that it wasn’t a hardware issue.

There are 6 GPUs (1070 hybrids).
O- denotes the GPU is working
X- denotes it is not working/unplugged

I started with

Swapping PCI connection from 1 to 2

Swapping riser to GPU connection 1 & 2

Disconnecting working GPU and plugging non working GPU (1) into slot 2 on mobo

Swapping 2 with 6 And disconnecting 6

Swapping riser to GPU connection between 2 and 6. Leaving 6 disconnected

if you guys have any idea what’s going on it’d be much appreciated. I have Win 10, 4g encoding enabled, and I have three options for link speed, all turned to 2 gen. Mobo is ASUS prime h270 plus. Two EVGA 850 G2 PSUs. I have been able to get a 4th GPU present I device manager, but it had an error code 43. I also got it to work at one point but had an error code that required a restart which ended up turning it into an error code 43 after the restart. It also worked at one point, didn’t show in the miner, then got error 43 and drug another GPU into error code 43 along with it, so I had two working GPUs and two with errors.

Thanks in advance.

Just a theory here, but you may be out of available PCI Lanes.
The H270 chipset has a total of 20.

Try disabling what you don’t need in BIOS - like Audio, USB 3.0 ports, Serial ports if any, any on-board video card, etc.
Boot in Windows and see what you have.

alternatively try this too

-remove all GPU cards from the 2 big PCI-e slots.
-I assume you have raisers. Plug in only the cards on the raises to the 4 small PCI-E slots.

  • Boot and see what you have in Windows.

optional: try gen1 if you have it as option although it should not matter much for GPU detection, only speed/bandwidth

I actually ended up getting a different mobo (recommendation of a few people) but now I’m running into new issues.

I’m getting some issues when I install my 5th card. When 4 are seated I get solid 500 hash across the board for each 1070 on Zcash. But when I ad a 5th one GPU 0 sits at 480, then 1st is 430, then 2nd is 240, then 175, then 134. I also can’t touch one of the cards in afterburner when 5 are in. After a while one of the cards fails and then I get an error code 43 in device manager. I restarted my PC and received a BSOD with an error code Nvlddmkm.sys. It restarted itself a few times then I got back in and checked device manager and now the 5th card has an error code 43. EWBF miner is also crashing after 2 minutes with error “device 0 thread exited with code: 4” with the screen freezing.

Win 10, MSI Z270 SLI mobo, 6 1070 GPUs, and 2 850 G2 EVGA PSUs (all brand new).

I assume you overclock.
Try with all default clocks/TDP, etc, see how it goes.

I got the same problem error code 43
6 gpus out of 7 working on a ASUS Z270 PRIME A

edit: RMA monday…DUCK(R002 resistor fried) :smiley: