Total complete noob - nheqminer (pc)

Hey everyone! i am a new addition to the mining community! in saying that i have an issue i need someone to answer. i am a COMPLETE NOOB and i am learning. i have successfully got claymore running on one system (pc), nichhash on another(pc) and attempting to figure nheqminer out for my third (pc.)
so here is my question.
is there anyone out there that may please tell me step by step on how to change my stratum address to minergate pool?
nheqminer -l -u

i have tried everything i can think of and I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER. please please please show mercy and provide me some answers. all i have is a bat folder with this

nheqminer_x64_SSE2.exe -l usa -u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Worker2 -t 1

i have attempted to change it according the instructions yet when i start the miner is says address not
known and then quits. i have tried every configuration i can think of. PLEASE HELP

thank you for your time.

First you have to create zec wallet and put it instead xxxxx

Here are some instructions and videos about joining pools you may find useful:

hahaha thank you gambler8899. i have a zec wallet. i have attempted to place it in and it says not valid address. had to put my BTC address for it to actually work. im looking to change the stratum address. when that becomes successful minergate uses your email instead of address.

hey shawn i have been to this site. does not hold info i am looking for. unless im blind, i repeat i am not a programmer. is there no site or video or human that has step by step for specificly nheqminer?

this is what my miner tries to connect to when following the instructions i found

Connecting to stratum server

this is what need to be fixed and i have no clue. i have hit a wall.

That looks VERY wrong, to many port address’s…

have you tried the video guide from the late/great @cryptomined ?

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i havent used nheqminer for a long long time LOL even longer than i have been on here :slight_smile:
thanks for sharing

Holy shit cryptomined!! Whats up! Yes this was one of the first videos i watched!! This is pretty dope.
Unless i misunderstood it doesnt tell you how to change the stratum address though…it is only for flypool…am i asking a stupid question or am i not getting it? Sorry for the noobache ( headache from noobs)…

not much, been awake since this video… would be sleeping now but my wife picked me up a 570 and 580… and … yeah i never use minersgate or nice hash. mining directly always pays more than nice hash… and I like to save my zcash when i mine it, though trying to mine up as much eth as I can before POS now…

so yeah I dont know…, they dont have instructions on their site on how to do it?