Name the smallet unit of Zcash

There's something kind of elegant about calling them Zeroes. It's probably too generic, but I like it. In addition to referencing the zero knowledge proof, it also make me think Japanese fighter planes and I'd probably think of that everytime someone told me there were thousands of Zeroes headed my way :scream: :wink:

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Z-Atom (n)
Definition: the smallest indestructible unit of Zcash
Usage: "If I had a Z-Atom for every time my old man said "_______", I'd be a Zillionaire."

"Zuark" ?

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(apologies for the obnoxiously large text, it seemed to do that on its own accord)

How about Zash? Dont know if thats been said already

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Zet or Zed (as in the British pronunciation of 'Z')

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Very nice, love the possible Zombie inclusion (sometime Zombies are just referred to as Zeds). So when you tell your friends you're sending them millions of Zeds, they won't know how to react until they arrive. :slight_smile:

Everyone heart your favorite enteries above (and below) and we can put the top entries into a poll next week.

Zen (plural also Zen).

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Zogs, in honor of the zogminer?

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So far this is my favorite, Zen.

I am also a fan of Zatoshi and Z's

Zerocool just cause..... Hack the Planet!

somehow I really like this one

Zinc (Zcash Increment)


Get in your entries and heart your favorites today and tomorrow. Poll goes up Sunday. Most hearted options will be listed first. If there's a poll limit, least hearted might not make the cut.

Last call for entries and hearts (heart your favorite entries). I'll probably put up the poll late tonight.

What about zee? It is the defined spelling of the letter "Z" which is the foundation of zcash.

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It's a reference to the blind swordsman, which should resonate with our invisible warrior.


One green or greenback... after Matthew Green.

As promised in the OP, the poll went live on Sunday: