Nanopool Low Payout Calculator!


I’ve been mining for the last 2 days with average 1200++ sol / hash rates.
I just check the payout calculator on Nanopool only getting 0.16 zcash / day and not even 5 zcash / month.

Compare to calculator on wahtomine and cryptocompare I should be getting 7 zcash / month, Take minus pool fee etc, I should be getting at least 6 zcash/ month with my average hash rates.

Can please someone gave me some explanation regarding this huge gap of payout ?

Thank you

What are you talking about???

1,200 and 12,000 is a HUGE difference between you are saying and what is in the screenshot

next the numbers showing is about right, a factor of the luck of the pool you mine on also has a lot to do with your payout.

For the pool you are on, your hashrate, and the screenshot – everything equals


Sorry, I mean 12.000 Sol. are you sure it’s all correct ?? seems kinda low to me.
Because, I tried different calculators, all shown 7 zcash/ month at least.

Yes, 7 zcash / month minus pool fee and luck factor, 4.9 zcash / month is somewhat low though.
Maybe I’ll try change to flypool for couple of days for comparison.

Thanks for you reply.

Hey Branhko, price has rised very steady and it’s normal to have a decrese. In anycase I believe nanopool has been unlucky latly and average is lowered… It should be around 6 Zec a month 12k sol/s.
Best of luck mate!

Hello John, Yes I do believe I should be getting arround 6 zcash / month with this hashrates.

yes you should get around 6 per month , my experience based on one week with nanopool I think they are not quite honest , or something else is going on with their distribution system .

please update us with result after switching to different pool .

On paper sure, he can get 6 zec to 7.5 zec, you can even have a roi in 46 days. In the real pool world, no.

My H/s rate is above yours, I know what my average per month is with fluctuations in difficulty my rate varies as much as 2 Zcash in a 30 day period. Ever notice how your average payout time changes? Lets say its (Lets keep it even numbers) 30 hours, then all of a sudden you received a payout in 28 hours. Why? Difficulty came down, the pool found more blocks than normal it wasn’t because God smiled at you. Sometimes your average payout is now 32 or 34 hours. Why? Well here God hates you, but in reality the pool was VERY unlucky’ more than likely the difficulty shot way up.

in the real world expect 5 to 5.5, if you get more, it is a bonus. When you do get more you understand why.