Nanopool giving me very wrong estimates and long confirmation time, any news about this?

I’ve got a 1050ti running with nanopool and from 23-24 USD monthly income i’m getting a 12-13$ in less than 12 hours since I’ve last checked. Never went under 18$ and getting kinda creepy about what is happening… Did difficulty just blow up or something? (Same hashing power as yesterday 230-245k).

Also nanopool sent me a payment at 2017-07-29 15:40:59 and it is still not confirmed, usually in 30 mins-1 hours it gets confirmed, now its been more than 6 hours…

Here is my nanopool link:

UPDATE: Confirmation of payment arrived at 2017-07-30 03:45:13, it took 12 hours to confirm.
UPDATE 2: estimate income has dropped by 50% from the night before to the morning after. Now estimates are going back up on nanopool, most likely was just a glitch of the pool. I know, I shouldn’t relay on this data.

I’m guessing that you didn’t notice the price drop.

Since, previous high Zcash price * your estimated Zcash per month from nanopool =~ $21

Current price * estimated Zcash per month =~ $12

Nope. Actual income in zcash is much less. Was 0.11-0.14 a month, now it’s 0.06-0.07.

I’ve been receiving payments every 2.5 days (you can see in the payments tab), with how much I’m producing now it’s going to take 4-5 days…

Just ordered 9 1080ti… I’m kinda biting my own lips right now…

and also, yesterday was 18$ and was worth 10-15$ less than right now (165$)

Before asking questions like this, I’d strongly encourage you to use a profit calculator and look at broader crypto pricing trends. There is nothing “wrong” with Zcash, beyond being a young currency in a volatile market. If you’re going to be mining, please understand the environment you’re playing in.

Also note, there is a massive difference between 245K and the actual hashrate of the network which is 245M. The network hashrate has effectively doubled in the last month and a half to two months. So you are seeing what you should be seeing income wise.

True but you have to look at the market as a whole! Chin up. After August 1st I see a more stable Crypto market as there should not be a huge influx in bitcoin trading afterwards. But who knows. Volatility is cryptos double edged sword.

I wouldn’t have subscribed and start writing in the forum if the anwser was obvious.

I’ve been checking different calculators every single day and many time a day. Same goes to watching my nanopool stats.

I garanteed that hashrate has been stable in the last 2 weeks (from 180.000 K rising to 240.000 K).
Profit and revenue were reflecting the numbers. Now they simple don’t match up, difficulty doesn’t seem to have spiked up so I’m very puzzled.

Profit ratio per day was 900% 2 weeks ago, 650% yesterday and now it’s 250-300%. (stats at the moment → Mining Calculator Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero)

I’m not going to relay all my HW for only one alt coin, but I would like to invest a good 50% on a good stable coin. In the last 2 months zcash was very promising, I really hope it’s just a glitch of my pool or there is a logic explanation.
Will see whats gonna happend in these days

Profit ratio per day was 900% 2 weeks ago, 650% yesterday and now it’s 250-300%

I don’t think you’ve read and understood any of the responses to your posts. As others have pointed out, the USD price of ZEC has dropped significantly in the last 4 weeks and has in the last 2 weeks been quite volatile. In the last 24 hours, it dropped significantly. At the same time, difficulty does fluctuate in quite a wide band. This accounts for what you are experiencing.

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But it has been explained. There’s been a huge spike in network hashrate and a significant drop in price. I’m not sure why you would be ignoring both as the very reason you’re seeing exactly what you should be seeing.

Zcash lost half of it’s profitability over the last month and a half. It isn’t the only to coin to have done so either. You might have a better understanding of the “why” if you look at the whole market rather than just ZEC. BTC took a nose dive and took all of the other cryptocurrency with it.

That being said, if you’re looking at the current state of ZEC and incorrectly assuming there’s something wrong, that comes down to your own misunderstanding. ZEC is actually doing very well for it’s age and current value.

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First off: am I acting rude or something? Why are you acting so bright like you have something to teach to your child?
I’m asking TWO legit question and all you are doing is telling me “it’s normal, why are you surprised?” for one question only.

What I’m trying to figure out is why my nanopool estimates are WRONG.


SAME SETTINGS (170 sol/s for 100 W)

You and nekkidtruth are acting rude (from my pov), trying to explain me something that I already fully understand.

Changing the title, could be misleading.

Based on what experience and what knowledge?

Only thing I can tell you to try is to test out a different pool. Some pools calculator and hashrate on dashboard maybe inaccurate, but they will still pay the amount of shares you submitted according to their pay models. I’m using suprnova and the dashboard’s hashrate is all over the place, from <1000 to >3000.

I also see that their calculator is a bit off on my end when I compare to mining calculators.

Still getting more payments than their calculator would suggest though.

[quote=“threeflappp, post:12, topic:19825, full:true”]
Only thing I can tell you to try is to test out a different pool.[/quote]
Will do, thanks for the information mate!

Really happy to hear this.
I can see that in 18 hours i’ve mined at least 1/4 more than what calculator is suggesting.

What really got me shocked was seeing a profitability drop of 400% in 1 day.

Your title and your questions posed indicated there was something wrong with Zcash. The responses you got were in accordance to how you were asking your questions and the insinuation that there was “something wrong with Zcash”. At this point the conversation would have changed if you said you believed there to be an issue with nanopool, but you kept mentioning that your profits were half of what they were a month ago aligning with the big drop of ZEC.

You’re going to get responses based on what you’re saying. There was nothing rude in any of my statements nor was any of what I’ve said intended to be rude.

Indeed it was. Thank you.

Based on the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies that after years, haven’t been able to accomplish what Zcash has under it’s first year.

Good luck.

Thanks for clarifying.

Dude, give me a break.

I flaged your message for being off topic. I didn’t say I knew everthing better than anyone, I said I fully understand how difficulty and estimate revenue works. I was talking about a subject and awnsering to that subject.

Learn some netiquette:

I’m still searching for an anwser regarding confirmation times, anyone had something similar happend to them?
Thanks in advance.

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Yup I understood and you are correct, reading the first discussion I forgot to mention that from 23-24 it went to 12-13 IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS.

Updating first post so it actually makes sense.

Sorry for the easy trigger, I will be more specific and dedicate more time writing my post. My native language is not English and this discussion wasn’t open to make a big fuss but to find a genuine anwser.

Me too

My advise is that you don’t need to care on the value in fiat currencies just hold your coins and wait the price to rise again

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I can just agree. @jimmy97one61 is more then right. This is the point of mining.

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