Lower Zcash Returns

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I’ve been mining with 99 GTX 1060’s for just over a month. I’m using Nanopool which displayed an estimated return of between 11 and 12 Zcash per month. Last Monday the average has lowered to between 8 and 9.5 Zcash per month.

The Sol/s are still in the same region.

Any idea why there would be a sudden drop in estimated returns?


Mining rewards are a bit complicated, as you may know, and those numbers are just estimations.

Difficulty has been has been all over the place. You can view it here https://explorer.zcha.in/ or a history of it Zcash Difficulty Chart - ZEC Difficulty - CoinWarz . Besides difficulty, there is also pool “luck” involved, but nanopool is growing and luck is more or less not much of a factor right now on it, it all evens out in the end.

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Thanks for the response… It’s just weird, because it was stable at that area for around a month, but just the last week that it’s been lower.

Thanks for your help though

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This is the difficulty of the last 2 months.

The rewards can vary 20% from week to week. It’s the average that counts in the end :slight_smile:

EDIT: and 99 gpu’s… nice…

I get 0.03 ZEC a day on Flypool and 0.02 a day at MiningHubPool

The previous posts are correct, it is about mining rewards / luck of the pool. Keep in mind, like you said they are estimates. If you look closely you’ll see it is in a constant flux.
in fact I just saw an increase in time to payout within the last 6 hours.