Nanopool t-adress support only?

For some reason the nanopool says that “commission 0%. Only public addresses (t-addr) are supported now”. My Kraken wallets are Nanopool | ZCash | Account and Nanopool | ZCash | Account aren´t they t-adress wallets and if they are, why is the pool pending on my shares?

Payments are once a day or every 6hrs at 0.01ZEC

Low fee for transactions from pool?

Nanopool support Exchanges? jaxx wallet etc

Yes those are t-addresses, people can view the balances in these addresses, Z-addresses are the anonymous ones.
Pending means they sent the request, you just need to wait abit for the block (Your payment) to be processed.
The TxFees are quite low, 0.0001zec, so you’ll be waiting a tiny bit.