Zcash pool payout

It appears autopayout must be used…that’s fine. however, I am past the threshold and have not gotten a payout. I used t-addr from poloniex. also it seems odd that the t-addr is not seen by the blockchain explorer, but perhaps that is b/c it has no deposits yet. any thoughts?

thank you

Did you receive your coins form this pool??

I did indeed receive my payouts. This was my own error in reading ‘Earned’, which does not include ‘Confirmed’ balances. Also, I am just going to assume that addresses do not show in the blockchain until there are transactions, which in hindsight makes sense. My address did indeed appear after the ffirst deposit.

I would have still expected to see the address with no transactions. Still good to know

I got my first 0.00006784 zec, it says is confirmed, the payment was pointed to a wallet but i havent receive anything in that wallet yet. Should I wait or what?