Need a suitable PSU for my Mining Rig!

Hi all, so been looking for a 1000w PSU for my upcoming build. This is the last item that i’ll be needing to complete it. it’s going to be running 2x Gigabyte GTX 1050 2GB Cards. They run at 300w each according to the description on PCCaseGear. Went on Newegg and was looking for a PSU to power the rig. Found a 1000W Rosewill Glacier Series 1000W Modular Gaming PSU. Has anyone had any past experience with this ? It’s $163 AUD. Just wondering if that’ll be a suitable PSU for my build and for multiple upgrades or is it worth spending the extra to get a server PSU ? Thanks!

gtx 1050 ti 4g maximum power consumption around 75 watts .

any 400 watt psu will run your whole system .

I don’t know where did you get 300 watt from

only gtx 1080 ti can reach 330 watt at peak with overclocking .

a 750 watt psu can run 7x 1050 rig .

Ahhh i’m a dumbass. Was reading the Recommended PSU. Recommended PSU is 300W Minimum aha. Thanks!.