Risers: Molex Vs. 6-Pin PCIe

Hey folks!

I’m just looking to find out if there is a difference (aside from connector) between the molex and 6-pin PCIe risers.

PCIe instead of molex: USB3 0 1x to 16x Extender Riser Card Adapter SATA Power Cable PCI E Express NEW: Search Result | eBay

I didn’t have much luck finding information regarding the difference in power connection. Any insight would be appreciated as I’m looking to purchase risers for the first time and I’d like to know if there’s any benefit to the PCIe ones over the molex version.


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There are some cases in the past where the molex to sata cables became overheated and caught fire. Here is a video that shows how to spot the bad ones, but honestly I’ve used both and haven’t had any problems with heat. I think most of the manufacturing of these has been corrected but I’m avoiding the molex to sata as a precaution.

Very informative. Thank you!

I think I may go with the 6-pins to avoid getting one of these types.

But he says that problem is on SATA’s side and nothing wrong with molex. This means that both could have this problem. No?


Does anyone have experience with 6 pin risers? ( https://cryptomined.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_214&products_id=200&zenid=os0bk13sn378hlq6dp5l59qp73 )

If i plug a 6 pin directly to the riser would that be fine? (should be better, right?)

All youtube videos I can find show people going from 6 pin to sata and I didn’t actually see anyone ever directly powering it up from the PSU. Usally everyone goes from 6 pin to sata cause they don’t have enough spare 6 pins. I’m going to use 1080 ti witho x2 8pin so all my 6 pins could be directly plug…

why people should use sata to molex when lot of molex cable coming from PSU? leave the converter and use molex directly to the riser

why use 6 pin gpu if your source power coming from sata cable, lol…

use 6 pin gpu/vga cable instead using converter

just look at your power supply, count how many 6 pin gpu/vga cable vs molex cable. I think using 6 pin gpu/vga cable will be more stable electricity than using mlex cable.

but if you use sata converter, then both of them is same, even worst than using direct molex cable

I don’t understand what you are saying. What do you mean by source power coming from sata cable?
EDIT: now I got it. Yup thanks for the anwser mate!

For 8 1080ti I ordered:
Enermax Netzteil Platimax 1700W
Corsair Netzteil HX1200W 1200W

Total of 8 pin = x18
Total of 6 pin = x8

So i would use x16 8 pin for the gpus and in the risers directly all 6 pins.
It should be the right solution right?

yes… but was it overbudget for your mining rig?

I paid 515$ for both and they should arrive tommorow. All other PSU i wished for are all out of stock so I bought what I found.
Both PSU are plus platinum and PSU come always in handy, me and my partners are going to be building many rigs in the upcoming weeks/months so we can always switch stuff up.

it’s great… wish you luck :slight_smile:

I intend to do the same, but I am scared that there is no 5V wire in 6 pin PCIe connector and there are three 12V pins.
Is it ok three of the wires to provide 12V?

Using the sata connections is completely safe.

I’ve been reading through the threads where people are claiming its not safe, and honestly, it seems like they were not the safe part of the situation.

Most of these people that seem to be having problems are people who just didnt do it right.
They were using cards that have been known to draw more than the alloted 75w from a pci slot (not even a riser)

After they get these already bad cards, they then use a multi sata cable and run 2 or more risers off the same cable.

Then they try and push the cards as high/fast as they can go.

Yes we know there are limits to what can be drawn through the cable, and yes a molex > sata would be the “better” option, but if your not being stupid you’ll be fine.

Basic rules to follow:

  • Only plug ONE riser in per cable
  • Don’t try and push the cards as fast as they can go

I am currently running 6 cards in the rig i just looked at. 1x1060, 1x9080ti, 1x1080fe, 3x1080. The hottest cable i have is for the 980ti sitting at a whopping 74f. all my cards are running at 70%. no need to run more than that, after all were going for efficiency right?

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Ok, but I do not have 6 separate sata cables so I am currently running two risers per cable. So back to my question - is it ok to put vga cable directly from psu into the riser with those 3 12V pins?

The following post seems to imply that it does work and someone is actually doing just that.

Try it yourself, tell us what you think!