Proper risers for 1080ti

plz help noob here
so are these risers okay for 1080ti? ~250watt cards:
it comes with sata to molex cables but ive read that psu to sata to molex isnt enough power for the 1080 ti’s?
which cables do i use to go direct from psu to molex on the risers, and where would i find these cables?
or are there better risers someone could recommend?
please and thank you


Those risers should work fine. The primary issue that has been raised with the model is when a SATA TO MOLEX converter is used to power the riser. SATA pinning/wiring is only rated for 4.5 A per voltage rail. So, along the 12v rail from which the GPU draws power, you are rated up to 12V * 4.5 A = 54W via SATA.

The easy solution? Get a 6 -pin to MOLEX cable (at least 1 is always provided with a standard PSU cable assortment) and power the molex riser directly from the power supply. molex pins are rated at a maximum of 11 amps / pin. Usually, this is good enough to power 2 risers on each string.

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thank you belgarion!