Need help with my build

Am looking for help to build my first mining rig, ppl did advice me to go with 2 mining rigs better then one since i already have the GPU that i need so i was thinking to build 2x rigs 6 GPU slots

GPU that i have:

  1. 4x AMD RX 6700 XT
  2. 4x RTX 3060 TI OC
  3. 1x RTX 3070
  4. 1x 1080 TI

by using this GPU i decided to use this hardware down below but i had difficulty to Pick PSU and the cost off the items is so much.

so please if u could help me to decide what hard ware i should use other then what on the list up above to reduce the cost off buying the the items, also i need to know how much exactly Power my GPu will need.

thanks alot

Typically a gold or platinum rated psu that outputs at least < 20% of your maximum load is ideal. Can’t help with GPUs though usually the higher the RAM and transistor count the faster it goes. Nvidia and AMD miners are usually configured differently so sticking to one kind may help though I’m not 100% on that.