Need help with zcash-cli sendtoaddress command

I've just tried to send some coins to another address using command:
zcash-cli sendtoaddress t1J6f7Nb5YzzHqR8DkXEumKCSp8Tgdos18e 0.02

My balance decreased, but the transaction seems to be stalled:

zcash-cli listtransactions shows:
"account": "",
"address": "t1J6f7Nb5YzzHqR8DkXEumKCSp8Tgdos18e",
"category": "send",
"amount": -0.02000000,
"vout": 1,
"fee": -0.00015716,
"confirmations": 0,
"txid": "b14d1a97165607bb4fcef528987f7fe7522145c6d5279923a3e4c3db71bd7187",
"walletconflicts": [
"time": 1498131565,
"timereceived": 1498131565,
"vjoinsplit": [
"size": 520

It has no confirmations and no coins were actually sent.

Any suggestions?


Hey there, did you end up figuring out what happened? Looking up t1J6f7Nb5YzzHqR8DkXEumKCSp8Tgdos18e on I see a couple of transactions sent to it but not with the above transaction ID.


That was a client issue.
I've built zcashd from git head and it seems to me that was cause of the problem. Transactions were rebroadcasted right along but were never accepted by network.

So I've done 'zcashd -zapwallettxes=2', then outgoing transaction was dropped and balance restored.
There is no issue neither in 1.0.9 nor 1.0.10-1 branches.