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We really need the communities help to be able to keep running our zcash block explorer. It gets quite a lot of traffic, has started crashing from time to time because it needs MOAR RAM, and an explorer is not something easily monetizable!

So please help support block explorer diversity and become a patron today for as little as one USD! Every little bit helps, so give us some of your filth fiat to keep those nodes running for everyone!


-David Mercer
Tucson, AZ


If we don’t hit $200/mo by Sept 1, I’m gonna have to shut it down.

Sorry but in my thinking, being a miner, it’s hard to persuade people to donate, just because miners already costing 20% founder rewards + 1% pool fee + 2% tool fee during the their mining operation…

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well then i guess someone else can run servers and get paged with problems and deal with support for a block explorer if I can’t hit this very small target for community support.

I suggest the website to monetize itself by advertising banners (adsense or ppc networks) or something like that. Anyways, thanks for your great website.

Unfortunately block explorers are not a thing that goes well with ads for a
number of reasons, all the tracking crap that they bring in with them being
at the top of the list.

I totally get it, and will not blame you if you abandon the project. To be honest I think the the founders should compensate for the nice wallet you made, but I don’t know their policy…

Not all people who get into mining or even crypto in general are programmers(for example I am a 3d artist), so assuming that someone could easily install linux and run their own node or something like that is bonkers and will lead to less adoption.

Making it as user friendly as possible is they key to reach the most people, that’s why we need, Android and IOS wallets, friendly videos for people, constant updates, etc etc etc… The other thing is safety, for most of the time I was afraid to run a full node wallet in fear that I would lose anything that I mine or buy. Having someone LITERALLY take you by the hand(in a nicely presented and professionally made video), show you how to install the wallet, show you what security you need, etc etc

On the other hand I know Zcash is a very new and things are planned all the time.

My two cents.

Thanks @anon47418038 for everything you did/do and hopefully will continue doing.

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Another suggestion might be to set up the ability to donate in not only ZEC but other cryptocurrencies as well. Just a thought. I do see why Patreon seems a good fit when you’re looking to set up monthly contributions. You just need more options I think. :slight_smile:

oh I take plenty of other things, please feel free to toss something in the hat!

You just can’t easily make payment links inside a desktop wallet app, but yes, I should put a link to the above in the wallet’s About


There’s an important difference between the near random cycle of advertising served up by the usual suspects (not to mention the heavy page load they impose) and the impact of simple banners provided by appropriate sponsors. Rather than delegating the task to some soulless advertising corporation like Google, what individuals, organisations or business would qualify as relevant to the task of exploring the Zcash blockchain?

Mining rig hw, trading platforms (exchanges and various DEX systems), when they finally exist, on-chain asset’s and their ICO’s, wallets…anywhere that takes ZEC…any other ideas?

If I ever DID run ads, they would indeed be manually deployed banner ads that did not track any more than that you clicked through from me.

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I’m curious to see if Zeropond offer more mining contracts when the current ones expire in a few months. But that kind of thing is quite relevant to blockchain exploring.

Oooo you take HUSH too :wink:

It won’t be a huge amount, but I’ll donate as soon as I can. I cashed some of my crypto out due to bills recently so I’m running on near empty.

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I better take HUSH, I’m the lead dev! We will be doing stuff over there that is…too experimental…to just push out onto zcash itself :slight_smile:

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You learn something new every day! :wink:

I haven’t heard of Hush before. Why is the address prefix the same as Zcash transparent addresses?

Hush is a fork of Zcash… You can read more about it here:

ZClassic was similar, but Hush seems to have some nice features on the roadmap - but I wish it was adopted by more than 1 exchange.

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accidents of history, when they forked the codebase last year long before I was involved and it was still called zdash (no typo), they did the same thing as zclassic, and didn’t change the address prefixes. But they DID change the p2p and rpc ports, unlike zclassic, so you can run, for instance, a zcash, HUSH and Komodo node on the same machine at the same time.

Just pointing out that Litecoin did finally amend the prefixes they retained from Bitcoin not so long ago. But don’t you think it’s better to fix those little collisions sooner rather than later?

we will be changing it at some point, but there are various considerations that make doing that now less than ideal